A notice from PATROL— Protect Against Tierra Robles Overdeveloped Lands organization to give the community information prior to the May 21st Shasta Red LLC public outreach meeting 7:00 to 9:00 pm, Cow Creek Community Church.

On Friday, the county released the Tierra Robles final environmental impact report (FEIR)  and a pending notice for a July 11th Planning commission hearing. The FEIR can be viewed and downloaded at:https://www.co.shasta.ca.us/index/drm_index/planning_index/eirs/tierrarobleshome.aspx

These documents contain the county’s responses to your draft EIR public comments submitted in December 2017, along with any modifications, revisions/changes/errata from the draft EIR.
Please take the time to review these important documents and note your concerns. We will advise how you will be able to respond to the County.

Our Remy Moose Manley attorneys obtained a draft of this report on May 3rd by filing a public records act with the County. They have been reviewing these documents and will continue with the final version of the FEIR. Thank you for your past and future financial support which makes this possible.

The County advises, “If you would like to obtain an electronic copy on either CD or flash drive, please contact Lisa Lozier, Senior Planner, at llozier@co.shasta.ca.us or 245-6495.” Be sure to include your address.

The County advises, “Notice of the July 11th Planning Commission public hearing will be published in the newspaper and will be mailed to every individual and agency on our project contact list shortly.”

There is strength in numbers, so please plan to show up in red shirts and speak out at the July 11th Planning Commission hearing.

Please go to our website for more information and sign up for further updates: https://shastapatrol.org

P.O. BOX 682, PALO CEDRO, CA 96073

530-549-4743  NoTierraRobles@Gmail.com