HolidaySC__small2Several members of the newly formed Palo Cedro Civic Association (PCCA) spoke before the Shasta County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 4, 2014 to let them know they were intending to write a Design Review to submit to the Planning Division with the aim of preventing big box stores from locating in Palo Cedro.

The group’s chairman Joey Ortez said the current applications by Rite-Aid and Dollar General to build large stores in Palo Cedro had spurred her to action, and she is circulating petitions against both developments. She told the supervisors that Rite-Aid’s plans would require the demolition of the windmill at the south end of the Palo Cedro Village Shopping Center, which has become a popular landmark over the years. “The community is appalled,” she said. “We want to keep our landmark and maintain the rural nature of our town.”

At the first meeting of the PCCA on Nov. 1, members volunteered to serve in the following positions and were approved by the group–Chair: Joey Ortez, Treasurer: Bob Power, Note Taker: Nancy Wickland, Website: Wes Wheeler, Facebook: Joey Ortez, Publicity: Michelle Pritchard, Charlene Elleard, Virginia Phelps, and Paula Bibb, Real Estate Advisor: Sandy Walker.

At the PCCA’s second meeting on Nov. 15, Ortez reported the Facebook page is up and running, (Palo Cedro Civic Association) and Wheeler reported the website is up as well (

Supervisor Pam Giacomini attended the meeting and urged the group to come up with the first draft of its Design Review as quickly as possible. She also offered to set up a meeting with Resource Management Director Rick Simon.

Seven members volunteered to serve on the Design Review committee. They are: Joey Ortez, Charlene Elleard, Debbie Buick, Wes Wheeler, Michelle Pritchard, Dottie Smith, and Sharyn Cornelius.