Sheriff’s Office seeks good samaritan that helped suspect out from auto collision

On September 10, 2016, at 3:43 p.m., deputies assigned to the City of Shasta Lake responded to a traffic collision near the intersection of Hill Boulevard and Lake Boulevard. When deputies arrived on scene, they noticed a fire was spreading through a wooded area along the east roadway edge of Lake Boulevard. The fire quickly consumed vegetation and was rapidly moving toward a residential area, which prompted an evacuation.

Deputies who responded to the scene found a vehicle which was left abandoned by the driver who was later identified as 28 year old Joshua Daniel Devaney of Oak Run, California. It was reported that an adult male had fled the scene and was picked up by a white Ford Mustang. Shortly thereafter, Devaney approached a deputy who was conducting emergency evacuations near the intersection of Hill Boulevard and Fern Avenue. Devaney told the investigating deputy he was the driver of the wrecked vehicle that started the blaze.

The investigating deputy immediately smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage about Devaney’s breath and person and many other symptoms associated with alcohol intoxication. Devaney subsequently admitted to consuming several alcoholic beverages prior to this traffic collision; at which point, he was detained and later arrested for driving while under the influence. Devaney was transported to a local hospital and then to the Shasta County Jail where he was booked for Driving While under the Influence.

Multiple structures including three houses were damaged in the fire, which is being investigated by Cal-Fire personnel. The area surrounding Hill Boulevard has been evacuated, and there are road closures to prevent anyone from entering the fire scene. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Department is urging bystanders to stay out of the evacuated area(s) for their safety and the safety of Emergency Personnel. In addition to spot fires, there are several other factors which have rendered the scene unsafe such as: large weakened trees, falling debris, and possibly downed power lines. Further information will be provided regarding the evacuations when it becomes available.

This investigation will likely continue throughout the night; therefore, more details will be made available as information is gathered by the public safety agencies which are involved. The City of Shasta Lake deputies are currently investing the traffic collision. Any further information regarding the fire investigation should be directed to Cal-Fire and/or The City of Shasta Lake Fire Department.
It was determined that a passerby pulled Devaney to safety from the wrecked vehicle prior to him fleeing the scene. The passerby has yet to be identified and is an important witness for the traffic collision investigation; therefore, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department would ask the Good Samaritan to contact investigating deputies by calling 530-245-6540. Anyone having information regarding this traffic collision is also encouraged to contact the investigating deputies using the same phone number.