20190510 094324

by Palomino Armstrong, 

 We are going through milk by the gallons, and MORE BABIES ARE FLOODING IN.  WILL YOU HELP US SAVE THEM?

Another 911 call. There are babies at the shipping yard and we need to buy them/pick them up by Sunday. There are at least 4, and those numbers are normally higher by the time we get there.

The nursery also was put on notice that one of the Trappers has a large group of horses and will have orphan foals for us next week. We need to make sure we can save them so they do not get left out on the range for coyote bait. CAN WE COMMIT TO THEM? It is up to you.

We knew the rush would be here soon, and of course, it is here before we are ready. Just by Sunday, we will have 12 babies IF we get the funding needed to purchase, save, feed and vet them. This does NOT include the group coming in next week. As usual, we are still in the midst of one rescue, when the next one hits. But we are on the front line and we are the difference between life and death for these babies, not to mention all the adults we save along the way when we can.

We were hoping to slow down, but instead, the volume of babies in WA is doubling, and we are now once again the “go to” rescue for the Virginia Range orphaned foals in NV. As I write this, Travis is on his way to pick up 3 more in NV and bring them to Chilly Pepper.

So you can be sure we will need all of your help, every time you want us to save more lives. YOU ARE THE ONES SAVING THESE LIVES! We simply cannot do it without you.

Due to the increase in potential babies, we are going to have to expand the nursery facilities in WA, help get our satellite in ID set up with more much needed, life-saving equipment, and somehow get more space where we live so we have more housing for more foals at once.

Sadly, it is that time of year when we go from one emergency to the next, and many times they are in the middle of the ongoing one. You are saving so many lives, but ALL OF IT depends on you, your donations and your love and support.

So as always, we are willing to do the 24/7 care, the boots on the ground and be available at a moment’s notice, but your funds are what make it possible. So please remember that EVERY TIME we throw out a fundraiser, WE ARE ON THE WAY to save more lives.

The front line is brutal, and we live in a horrifyingly cruel world. Your love and support is what gives us the courage and strength to keep on.

Most of you are lucky and will never have to stand and watch in horror as the horses are loaded on the slaughter truck, while their babies are screaming for their families. What we see on a daily basis is taking it’s toll. But right now, we will keep on saving as many lives as we can, and that is ALL BASED ON YOU!

THANK YOU! for each and every one of the lives you have already saved, and for sticking with us through this nightmare and helping us save as many lives as we can.

Please give generously today, so we can “git ‘er done”. I need to let the folks know whether we will have funds to purchase the babies this next week and this weekend.





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You can go to Paypal if you would like to help these horses.

->You can donate via check at: Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, PO Box # 190

Golconda, NV 89414 You can also donate via credit card by calling Palomino at 530-339-1458. NO MATTER HOW BIG OR HOW SMALL – WE SAVE THEM ALL! SAVING GOD’S CRITTERS – FOUR FEET AT A TIME Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, WIN Project – Rescue & Rehab We are now part of the WIN Organization WIN (WILD HORSES IN NEED) is a 501c3 IRS EIN 55-0882407_ If there are ever funds left over from the cost of the rescue itself, the monies are used to feed, vet, care for and provide shelter and proper fencing for the animals once they are saved.