Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency is rolling out a public awareness campaign to remind everyone in our community that there are many local mental health resources available for youth through HHSA, and our community partners. Those partners include Shasta Community Health Center, Hill Country Health and Wellness, and services that are covered for people on Medi-Cal through Partnership Health Plan. Copies of some of the outreach materials are attached.

If you know a youth who is struggling, they aren’t alone and don’t have to handle the issues by themselves. The messaging includes the best contact information for parents to reach out and get assistance for their children. Services can be found by calling 225-5252 or by going to or dialing 211.

Educators say the most common symptoms of emotional distress they see among students include depression and apathy.

“We know that there are high levels of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Shasta County, some of them well over the state and national averages,” said HHSA Children’s Services Branch Director Dianna Wagner. “Couple that with the recent traumatic incidents in Shasta County like last summer’s wildfires and we know that the need to support our youth is very real.”

For more information, about HHSA’s mental health services for youth, go to