On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, at approximately 3:00 PM, SHASCOM dispatch center received a call stating a male subject was in a truck, parked on Old Oregon Trail near Shasta College, pointing a gun at himself threatening suicide.

Deputies from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area and found the subject, later identified as Vincent Siaz, in his truck.  Siaz was parked in a dirt lot at the corner of Collyer Rd. and Old Oregon Trail.  Siaz was refusing to come out of the truck per deputy’s orders.  Officers from the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Redding Police Department (RPD) and Cal Fire were called to assist with closing the roads leading into the area.

A deputy with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Hostage Negotiation Team called Siaz on his cellular phone and began trying to deescalate the situation and talk him out of the truck.  Siaz told the deputy he was armed with an 8mm rifle and wanted to “Go down in a blaze of glory.”

Although Shasta College was on Thanksgiving break they still had staff on campus.  The college was asked to lockdown until the situation was resolved.

After several minutes of negotiations, at approximately 3:34 PM Siaz peacefully exited the truck.  Deputies searched the truck and found an 8mm rifle as well as ammunition for the rifle on the passenger seat next to where Siaz had been seated.  A semi-auto pistol was also found in the cab of the truck as well as two more rifles in the bed of the truck.

Siaz was taken to a local hospital on a 5150 W&I mental health evaluation hold due to being a danger to himself and others.