On July 4, 2019, at approximately 6:15 p.m., a citizen reported a very intoxicated boat operator, later identified as Robert Callahan (31years, Klamath Fall, OR.), at the Bridge Bay gas dock.  Callahan was seen driving a ski boat away from Bridge Bay towards the west side of the Shasta Lake.  Deputies were dispatched to the west side of the lake to locate and stop the ski boat.

Deputies located the ski boat on the northwest side of No Name Island and conducted an enforcement stop.  Callahan stopped the ski boat, and a deputy tied his patrol boat up to the ski boat.  The deputy also located the owner of the boat, Rylie Hogue (31 years, Klamath Fall, OR.) in the ski boat.  The deputy requested Callahan get into his patrol boat, so the deputy could check Callahan’s sobriety.  Callahan took off his baseball style cap and his life vest.  Callahan then jumped off the ski boat and into the water to get away from the deputy.  Callahan swam approximately 50 yards away before he requested a deputy come and pick him up.  Callahan got onto the patrol boat and field sobriety test were administered.  Callahan failed the field sobriety test and a portable electronic breath test was administered.  Callahan had a blood alcohol content of .29%.  Callahan was placed under arrest for 655(b) HN: Reckless/Negligent Operation-Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drug; 655(c) HN: Reckless/Negligent Operation-Under the Influence-.08% or more BAC.

Deputies determined Hogue was also too intoxicated to operate the ski boat or care for his own safety.  Hogue was arrested for 647(f) PC: Intoxicated in Public.  Both Callahan and Hogue were transported and booked into the Shasta County Jail.

The Shasta County Sheriff Boating Safety Unit would like to remind people to not drink and drive a vessel.