Illegal dumping areas cleaned up in Shingletown
Illegal dumping areas cleaned up in Shingletown
Several community members join together to clean up a couple abandoned squaters’ camps in the Christy Creek areas of south Shingletown.
Several community members join together to clean up a couple abandoned squaters’ camps in the Christy Creek areas of south Shingletown.

By Marilee Strom

Shingletown Council took action in response to a citizen’s reported concern/problem. Trash of every description was removed from two abandoned squatters’ camps and several other sites in the Christy Creek area, which is South of Shingletown center.

Anyone who has driven South on Wilson Hill Road between Shingletown and Manton knows the beauty of this forest and its spectacular view across the valley. That beauty is now restored in the Christy Creek area.

The first order of business for the newly formed Shingletown Council was creation of a “Dump Fee Waiver Program” through an alliance with Shasta County. This was made possible through the assistance Supervisor Les Baugh and Director of Public Works, Pat Minturn.

The second order of business for this site was to remove the abandoned vehicles. After completing required paperwork, numerous abandon vehicles including a fifth wheel and camper trailer were hauled at no cost by Scotts Transports and other local citizens with hauling equipment. We thank Scotts Transports for their donation to Shingletown and the volunteers in this effort.

On August 1stthe majority of the trash was removed when approximately 20 Shingletown volunteers with trucks, trailers and ambition met at the Shingletown Library prior to a caravan to the Christy Creek trash sites. The volunteers picked up trash, sorted it into 3 trailer loads on then returned to the Library for a lavish and plentiful barbecue of ribs, homemade potato salad, hot dogs, homemade desserts, ice tea, lemonade and, sodas. The BBQ was furnished by volunteers of Shingletown Council and the Shingletown Lion’s Club. After consuming the much needed lunch, the trailers were sent in several directions depending on the load to be dumped.

Special thanks to Tom and Dawna Twist for removing three additional loads of lumber on 2nd of August.

This rather arduous cleanup will be completed on the 3rd of August when remaining trailers are dumped using the Dump Fee waiver Program.

We extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to all of the volunteers who donated their time and showed their pride for the town in which they live. A special thank you to Robert Richardson, Chairman of the Shingletown Council Health and Safety and Other Concerns Committee for his coordination all the efforts in this event.

The Shingletown Council’s next membership meeting will be on September 2nd location pending on availability of the Black Butte Jr. High Gym. Although work continues on projects that improve the community, the Shingletown Council takes a summer vacation from membership meetings. The Council Bylaws state that membership meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month from January to May and September to December.