QuickBooks Online For Small Business Owners—Date: 10-25-18

This workshop will help you learn the skills needed to set up Online QuickBooks for
your company, perform fundamental bookkeeping tasks, understand file management and
use some of the more advanced features of QuickBooks Online.

Ideal Participants for This Workshop:

Beginning QuickBooks Online users who want to expedite the setup process and begin
using QuickBooks for their cash-based business.

How to Start your Business—Date: 10-18-18

A brief introduction to entrepreneurship and the creation and development of new
business ventures. Includes a high-level overview of the critical success factors
for entrepreneurs, including business structures, the development of the business
plan, and permits and licensing procedures.

Was your business impacted financially by the Carr fire?

It may not have been physically damaged but if you have lost income due to the Carr
fire then the SBA (Small Business Association) has low-interest rate loans available
to help you bounce back from your economic distress.
* The Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) available for the Carr Fire can cover
up to $2 million for anyone’s business that was impacted economically by the fire.
This applies to businesses of all sizes.

The deadline to apply for economic injury is May 6th, 2019

Get more information/register at www.sbdcsc.org