The 2019 harvest season for matsutake mushrooms will open September 20 on the McCloud Ranger District of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Permits will be good through November 30.

Forest visitors intending to harvest matsutake mushrooms on National Forest System lands must purchase a commercial harvest permit. The permit also allows for the harvesting of other types of mushrooms such as the butter boletus, puffballs and shaggy manes. It is illegal to harvest mushrooms from the National Forest during the fall season without a commercial permit. Persons picking or in possession of matsutake or other types of mushrooms taken from National Forest System Lands without a valid, properly filled out permit may be cited. Personal use permits are not available during the matsutake season. Commercial Permits may be purchased at the following rates:

  • $5 per day/lb. with a four day/20 lb. minimum for $20, each additional day is $5
  • 30 consecutive days (or 1 month permit) for $100 which allows you up to 100 lbs.
  • Season permit for $200 allowing up to 200 lbs.

All picking days must be consecutive. In order to purchase a permit the harvester must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid ID. Permit holders are required to fill out the harvest log, keeping track of the dates you hunt and pounds you harvest. Not doing so may result in the termination of your permit and/or a citation.

Permits can be obtained at the following location: McCloud Ranger Station, 2019 Forest Road McCloud, California during normal business hours Monday- Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Permits from adjoining forests are not valid on the McCloud Ranger District, nor will the McCloud permit be honored on other forests.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the matsutake mushroom harvest, each permit has additional conditions and restrictions which are intended to regulate the harvest. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to read and understand those conditions. Please refrain from raking or otherwise disturbing the ground cover when harvesting the mushrooms, as this inhibits or prevents future growth in that area. In addition please pack out any trash you may pack in. Forest Service law enforcement officers will be patrolling the harvest areas to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the permits.

Please note that there are special camping regulations in effect associated with the mushroom harvest season. Currently, the Forest is under fire restrictions therefore campfires or charcoal barbeques are not allowed outside of designated fire safe areas or paid campsites. More information regarding camping, fire restrictions or mushroom harvesting can be obtained by calling the McCloud Ranger District (530) 964-2184, or by visiting the forest website at: