The Shasta County Connection—2-15-19

Wow!! It was the deepest snowfall in the Redding area in 50 years.  Spending the last few days down around Redding on our ranch with no power has been challenging.  It is amazing how many trees have fallen and broken branches are everywhere throughout the entire area.  Palo Cedro seemed to get hit particularly hard. The second major event to hit Shasta County in the last eight months.  I am hoping that power gets restored soon and we can begin the clean-up process.

The Resource Management Department held the first Agritourism Planning meeting.  Thanks to Paul Hellman, Kim Hunter and Lio Salazar for taking the lead to organize this meeting.  Interested community members came together to get the potential ordinance discussion off the ground.  My hope is that we will have an ordinance drafted by the end of the year.  I will keep everyone posted as to the progress of the document.

I attended the last Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) meeting.  The agenda item that drew the most interest was the proposed annexation of CSA #25 Keswick into the Shasta CSD District.  After the Carr Fire, very few homes were left intact in the Keswick area.  This proposal would allow those remaining residents to continue to receive services through the neighboring district.

The Sierra Cascade Logging Conference was held at the Anderson Fairgrounds and drew a large crowd.  I was asked to participate on a panel that covered wildfires and politics.  It was good to see the Executive Director of the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection, Matt Dias, as another panelist.  The conversation around healthy forests and mitigating the occurrence of catastrophic fire events took center stage.  Congressman Doug LaMalfa also shared information as to what needs to be accomplished on the Federal level. One of my personal discussion points is the need for more grazing, whether cattle, goats or sheep.  It is a tool that is not utilized enough to mitigate the heavy fuel loads, especially in areas such as west of Redding.

Kristy Lanham asked me to join their table at Win River for the annual gathering for ladies during the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference.  It was good to meet many women associated with the timber industry and I appreciated Kristy’s invitation.  The conference was very well attended this year and I was pleased to see so many school busses on site, bringing school age children to learn about the forest, our watersheds, and fire safety.  Educating youth about healthy forest management is very important.

Friday, February 8th, was a big day for Shasta County.  We broke ground on the new Redding Courthouse.  The Superior Court Executive Officer, Melissa Fowler-Bradley, emceed the auspicious occasion.  Many dignitaries were present, including many from Sacramento.  It is really exciting to know that upon the completion of the new courthouse, many county offices will be moved to the old county courthouse.  This will offer the county the opportunity for more jail expansion and more potential programs that are needed to serve those that are incarcerated.

The Fall River Booster’s Crab Feed was packed with those hungry for some great crab.  As a former member of the Fall River Booster’s, I know the important role they play supporting youth programs in the school.  Even though we had quite a snowstorm hours before the event, the hall was still full.  A little weather doesn’t slow down those that live in the mountains. Thanks to all the parents and kids that volunteered.

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Mary Rickert

Shasta County, District 3 Supervisor