More people are choosing to shop online for special seasonal pricing and convenience
Whether you live in an apartment or a house, delivery theft is a serious concern, tweets @StateFarm. December and January have traditionally been top months for package theft. Now, with the combination of special flash sales, the August back-to-school season, and ease of online shopping, the summer months have become prime time for “porch pirates” to nab your discounted booty. Additionally, July and August are also top months for home theft because so many people are away from their home on vacation, leaving their home unmonitored.
According to 2017 State Farm® claim data, an astounding 74,676 home theft claims were reported. With California leading the nation for the claims with over 11,000 these quick tips can help reduce your vulnerability to package theft:
  • Ask your neighbor for a helping hand. Ask a trusted neighbor to stop by to pick up your packages and mail, especially if you will be traveling at the time of their arrival. In addition, your house key may be better off with your neighbor than under the welcome mat or a plastic rock.
  • Trim trees and shrubs near the house. Keep shrubbery cut neat so the interior of your home is visible and burglars can’t hide undetected.
  • Make your home appear occupied. Hire someone to maintain your property by mowing the lawn. Put exterior lights on timers and/or motion sensors. Set the timers on staggered hours to turn lights on and off at different times.
Don’t share your travel itinerary on social media. Avoid chatting about your vacation plans on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook,” tweets @SF_Dlosk State Farm Spokesperson. “You never know who is reading your posts or tweets. Also, refrain from posting travel photos online until after you’ve returned,” warns Losk. If you need to share your itinerary for any reason, then give your travel plans to someone you trust.
What do I do if my package is stolen?
  1. Verify delivery – First check with the postmaster to ensure that the package was officially delivered.
  2. Call the Police – Inform your local police force of the incident and be sure to provide video or other evidence if you have it.
  3. Contact the retailer – Coverage varies by retailer but some companies offer coverage for stolen packages.
  4. Contact the shipping company – Similarly to retailers, some carriers offer coverage for deliveries that were stolen.
  5. Check your credit card benefits – If you are unable to resolve the issue with either the retailer or the shipping company, double-check your credit card benefits for purchase protection.
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