In Chamber news, the Show and Shine fundraiser on Monday, April 22 brought in over $2600 to go towards community projects and scholarships.  Good Job!!

By Judy La Russa

Concerned Palo Cedro area community members showed up at April 23, 2019, Greater Palo Cedro Area Chamber of Commerce meeting to discuss new and older major developments in the making.  Chamber president Jason Salter addressed the crowd of around 50 people, then gave the floor to Wade and Elaina Tupper and Brad Seiser, who proceeded each with a short presentation. The groups then divided from Chamber’s meeting to continue to inform the community of these developments.

Community organizer Brad Seiser of PATROL (Protect Against Tierra Robles Overdeveloped Lands) came to the meeting to update them on the progression on the Terra Robles subdivision.  (This is the 166-home rural subdivision, “Tierra Robles” that is being proposed for 716-acre land bordered by Boyle, Old Alturas, Seven Lakes Roads and the bluff area above Deschutes Road by developer Robert Geringer of Geringer Capital in Beverly Hills.)

Seiser told the group that in a football analogy, “We are now in the fourth quarter.”  Last week, representatives from the developer and planning division met with some of the PATROL members and said they want to address some of the community members complaints about this project.  No dates have been set to address these issues, nor planning commission dates have been posted, but Planning could be as soon as June.

The committee would like to see as many people come to the Planning Commission meeting dressed in red to show support. For more information on this issue go to their PATROL website, or stay connected by Facebook to be notified of planned meetings.  To be placed on an informative email list go to

Elaina and Wade Tupper speak to the community about the proposed 24 hour ARCO development in Palo Cedro.

Next speakers were Palo Cedro residents Elaina and Wade Tupper, who talked about the new ARCO AM/PM development proposed for the vacant land next to Chevron on Skycrest Way in Palo Cedro.  The couple took turns introducing themselves and shared some information about the project they received from Planning Division Senior Planner Lisa Lozier.

The Tuppers are both employed in the law enforcement industry and wanted to share their viewpoint and personal experiences on the 24-hour gas/convenient store, two fast food proposed development. “This is not my perspective for what I want for my community. This will lower the quality of life,” said Elaina. Wade continued, “There are some things that really bother me; one is public safety with a 24-hour business. Criminals look for store prospective robberies with lack of surveillance, lack of people around….and how there is currently not much of police patrolling in the area as it is.”

A town hall meeting sponsored by “Oppose 24—hour PC ARCO” , a subcommittee from the Palo Cedro Citizens for Responsible Growth will be on Monday, April 29, 2019 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Good Times Pizza in Palo Cedro. Those attending may prepare a short (three minute) speech and/or participate in constructive dialogue.  Stay tuned to social media for changes.

For information or wishing to contribute with time or money: email; call or text (530) 209-4444 or (530) 949-5010; or stay informed on their Facebook Page at Palo Cedro Citizens for Responsible Growth.