Columbia Elementary School District is happy to announce the opening of a K-8 Independent Study Program this year with the leadership of teacher Kari Cattanach. Cattanach brings 24 years of teaching experience to the program.

Independent Study Has Helped Kids With
  • It has helped gifted students who are not challenged in regular classrooms and want to accelerate their studies.
  • It has helped students who want an individualized approach that allows them to delve more deeply into areas of special interest.
  • It has helped students who need to make up credits, or who have fallen behind in their studies and need targeted instruction and materials to fill in gaps in their learning.
  • It has helped students who feel frustrated, bored, disconnected or frightened in a regular school environment.
  • It has helped students who face particular challenges such as health issues, or the necessity of employment, thus making classroom attendance difficult.
  • It has helped students who feel frustrated because teaching strategies in the traditional classroom are directed toward the needs of students who are learning at a slower rate, thus slowing the pace of learning for the whole.
  • It has helped students and parents who are overwhelmed by the amount of homework associated with regular classroom instruction.
  • It has helped students who have had negative interactions with classroom teachers or with other students.
  • It has helped students who feel the need for more connection with parents and family.
  • It has helped students who are suffering from shock, trauma, or a significant loss.
The school is currently taking applications for the 2019-20 school year.
For more information, contact Mrs. Cattanach at