Mark your calendar for the CIO FWP Monthly Community Potluck Meeting which will be held Tuesday, 9/10, beginning at 6:00, at Hill County Community Clinic, Health & Wellness Center in Round Mountain.

During the September 10th meeting, we will host Supervisor Mary Rickert, the District 3 Supervisor.  Supervisor Rickert indicated she will listen to your comments but will not be able to offer her opinion.  You will have the opportunity to relay your comments and concerns to Supervisor Rickert during this meeting.

From Citizens in Opposition to the Fountain Wind Project

The Citizens in Opposition to the Fountain Wind Project committee (CIO FWP) appreciates all of the continued community support regarding the efforts to stop the Fountain Wind Project.  Even though the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been delayed until later this year, the committee is keeping active, informing Shasta County residents, and representatives, of our objections to these types of industrial developments within our communities.  We will continue to keep you informed of our on-going efforts to stop the industrialization of our communities with Industrial Wind Turbines proposed by the Fountain Wind Project.

CIO FWP members, Beth Messick, Joe Osa, and Gary Cadd have been invited to speak on the Freedom in Action broadcast on KQMS 1670 AM, on Saturday, September 7th, beginning at 8:00 am – 9:00 am.

If you want to speak and/or support other speakers during the Public Comment period at the next Board of Supervisors meeting it will be on Tuesday, September 10th & 17th, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  You will be limited to three (3) minutes to speak during the public comment period.  This is an on-going opportunity for you to state your objections to the continued industrialization of our wild areas and local communities.

If you have not purchased the Stop Fountain Wind yard sign please let us know at the next meeting.  The yard signs are being sold for $7.00/each and we are also looking into purchasing larger signs (3’ x 3’).

The CIO FWP purpose continues to promote the safety, health, peace, morals, comfort, protection of Tribal Cultural Resources and history, and general welfare of persons residing or working in the neighborhoods of Shasta County. We believe these types of developments need to be addressed by all of the Shasta County residents, obtaining county-wide public input, including independent scientific studies, and exposing how the numerous environmental, financial, health, cultural, and general welfare negative impacts of the Fountain Wind Project will not benefit the residents or communities.

GET INFORMED on how Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) are intrusive industrialization of rural and wild areas which require extensive expansion of transmission lines.  The wind turbines add noise, light, visual pollution, destroy and fragment wildlife habitats and wetlands, destroy sacred cultural resources and history, cause health issues, increase wildfire risks, add instability and inefficiencies to the electrical grid, and increased energy rates.


1)  Sign-up to receive Email updates on the Stop Fountain Wind web page,

2)  Sign the petition at the community meeting or on-line at the Stop FW web page,

3)  Read our Wind Turbine Moratorium Request at Stop Fountain Wind,

4)  Send your District Supervisor (or all of them) a letter requesting
they support the moratorium request.  Letters are available on our Stop FW
web page,

5)  Attend the Board of Supervisors Meeting and speak out during the
Public Comment Period or attend and support the members who are providing
comments regarding our efforts.

6)  Attend the Planning Commission meeting when the Fountain Wind
Project is brought before them for a vote.

7)  Contribute financially if possible. We have established the CIO FWP bank account and on-in contributions will be available soon.

8)  Contact your neighbors and friends about the CIO FWP efforts and
inform them on how they can get involved and support our efforts.

9)  When the Draft Environmental Impact Review (EIR) and final EIR are
made available from Shasta County provide feedback as to why you oppose
these types of projects.

10)  Write letters to the editors of the newspapers stating your opposition
to these types of projects in Shasta County.

11)  Contact your local community business leaders and organizations asking
for their support and help get them informed on how they can help.

12)  Attend the monthly community potluck meeting, held the 2nd Tuesday of
each month beginning at 6:00 at the Hill County Community Clinic, Health &
Wellness Center in Round Mountain, to get the latest updates and schedule

13)  Reach out to request CIO FWP members make a presentation to your local
organization or community groups at