The Shasta County Connection—3-14-19

Yes, the sun is out and we are really enjoying the warmer weather.  February was the fourth coldest February for all the years of record keeping in Redding.  It was definitely a cold month and we are all glad the standing water is receding, and the grass is beginning to grow.

The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office recently held a Fraud Prevention event.  The many vendors had lots of information on how to avoid being taken advantage of.  I heard a statistic the other day on the radio that amazed me.  The announcer reported that one half of all telemarketer calls we receive involve some kind of scam.  I personally refuse to ever do any business over the phone just as a precautionary measure.

The Hat Creek Volunteer Fire Department Hall was the location of a meeting held by the Burney Hat Creek Community Forest and Watershed Group.  There are many collaborative projects in progress and contemplated in the region for fuel reduction and restoration of local landscapes.  The Sierra Institute for Community and Environment organizes these meetings and many local partners from government agencies and the private sector are in attendance.

March 10-17th was adopted as “AmeriCorps Week” in Shasta County by our Board of Supervisors.  This organization works collaboratively with many other groups to improve local communities.  They are definitely unsung heroes who quietly work in the background wherever they see a need.  An example was their assistance with Shasta County’s Health and Human Services efforts to bring Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE’s) education information to many segments of the county’s population.  The timing was appropriate as the board received an update on the progress of ACE’s trainings taking place throughout the county immediately after the AmeriCorp proclamation.  You will continue to hear more about ACE’s from me.  The ACE’s work in Shasta County is effective and enlightening.   ACE’s is a tool to identify those who have had childhood trauma, which ultimately often leads to poor life choices.  Effective therapy can be beneficial for those at risk and education for preventative measures are vital for better life outcomes for those who are vulnerable.

The Board of Supervisors also spent a considerable amount of time discussing the concept of a navigation center for the homeless in Shasta County.  I continue to support a bare bones facility to divert the homeless from going to jail and offering them the opportunity to get some support and much needed services to stabilize their lives.  My vision is that it would not be an extended stay facility, but one to help process their needs and divert them to get the help they may need. One of my primary goals is to give them the opportunity to receive assistance to travel back to their hometowns, wherever that might be. There are those that are concerned that a center will attract more homeless to Redding.  I can understand their concerns, however, the current situation is not working and we need to attempt some option to help those willing to make life changes.  Tehama County is one of many counties also in the process of developing a navigation center.

The SB901 Wildfire Cost and Recovery Commission met in Redding on the 13th. They had scheduled meetings throughout the state and Redding was selected as one of the sites.  It was an interesting meeting with several panels addressing topics such what part utility companies play in catastrophic fire events, insurance issues, and the red tape associated with counties receiving timely funding for recovery.  The County Administrative Officer from Butte County was on the panel with Shasta County’s Public Works Director, Pat Minturn and Redding City Manager, Barry Tippin.  To say the least, Butte County has huge problems trying to recover from the Camp Fire.  The county’s CAO stories were very tragic and the county has years to try and rebound from such a disaster.

Please spread the word about our March 26th workshop on how to reduce risks from wildfires at the Shasta County Board of Supervisor’s Chambers.  The event is scheduled for 5:30 pm and will last until 7:30 pm.  Please do consider attending.  There is much one can do to harden your home and increase your defensible space as preventative measures.  Haley’s Insurance will be there to answer questions about insurance.

Another reminder is the 2019 Palo Cedro Park Wine and Dine on March 16th from 5:30-10:00 pm at Mercy Oaks in Redding.  I am hoping for another successful event to help support the Palo Cedro Park.

If any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor