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 By Judy La Russa and Nick Reiser,

Besides their passion for making fine wine, the Moseley Family share their credence for the community and giving as a way of life, “Our other big dream is to create and grow a community of people who love food and wine, getting together and enjoying life together. Life has enough troubles on its own, and we aim to knit together people from across ideological, demographic, political, and financial spectra into a community of people who love well, who care for one another, and live lives of thanksgiving.”

Mimi and Marty Moseley

Moseley Family Cellars motto says it all, “Welcome to the Family.”

Palo Cedro Community Park fundraiser committee volunteer Nick Reiser made a trip to the Moseley’s wine tasting room to pick up a prize donation made towards the Park’s cause.  Coming away with a warm received feeling, Reiser shared, “Though it was a quiet weekday afternoon when I visited, the whole place felt alive with a sense of purpose. While I was there three other nonprofits had stopped in. In each occasion, the Moseley’s generously donated to each of their causes. Mimi Moseley greeted me and accidentally handed gave me one of the other donation baskets she had set aside. It wasn’t until I introduced myself again that she realized her mistake. They literally give so much back to the community that it must be difficult to keep track.”

Ashley Pierce

While the Moseley’s were busy attending to business, Nick was able to speak to the Mosely Family Cellars Head Winemaker, Blender and Level II Sommelier Ashley Piece. Pierce graciously shared her winemaking experiences and also her own love for this community.

Along with Marty Moseley, Ashley Pierce takes the lead in the wine-making process. Pierce has picked up most of her trade from Moseley. She started out managing the entire blending process, but over time she has engaged the head winemaker duties as well.

When Pierce was a young child she was fascinated with wine. Growing up in Eureka, she shared her dad’s passion as a wine connoisseur. The duo would visit wineries and she would ask as many questions as possible, which eventually led her to a career in the wine industry.

Pierce’s personally believes, “Wineries are a community of love.” She added, “The Moseley’s have shown me what this community is all about.” Reiser felt her responses were refreshing. “I found this to be a common trend throughout our conversation to the point that I genuinely believe that Moseley’s and Shasta County are symbiotic,” said the interviewer.

Reiser ends by saying, “Anyone that has visited Moseley knows that they are deeply committed to our community. We had the pleasure of spending some time with Ashley this last week and learn how this commitment translates into their award-winning wine.”

On March 16, 2019, Moseley Family Cellar will be present, along with many other local wineries at the Celebration of North State Wines—a fundraiser for the Palo Cedro Community Park at Mercy Oaks. For more information and tickets go to this link.

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