March 22, 2023

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New clashes in Kazakhstan following the arrival of Russian-led CSTO troops

Soldiers of the Kazakh Army (REUTERS / Mariya Gordeyeva)

New clashes erupted on Thursday in Almaty, the main city of Kazakhstan, following the arrival of Russian-led troops to help the government end the unrest. It has already left dozens of deaths and hundreds of prisoners.

The day after the violence erupted, gunfire was heard in the city center, with government buildings set on fire and shops looted, a journalist said. AFP.

The rally began on Sunday in protest of rising gas prices in the former Soviet republic From hydrocarbon-rich Central Asia.

A 58-year-old protester, who did not want to be named, said there had been clashes between protesters and police near the presidential residence and that they had opened fire. “We saw the dead. “, He confirmed AFP.

The riots have stopped “Ten” The protesters, according to police, were killed 1,000 people The wounded were nearby 400 They have been admitted to the hospital and 62 of them are in intensive care, the health ministry said.

A man walks past a burnt-out car during fuel-induced protests (REUTERS / Pavel Mikheyev)
A man walks past a burnt-out car during fuel-induced protests (REUTERS / Pavel Mikheyev)

According to the government, quoted by Russian companies, Eighteen members of the security forces were killed and 748 wounded.

L President Kasajo, Qasim Jomar Tokayev, He sought help to combat what he described as an uprising of “terrorist groups”, which he accused of being “trained abroad.”

Neighboring Russia and its Joint Security Agreement (CSTO) allies announced Sending the first contingent of the “Joint Peace Keeping Force” to Kazakhstan And the first troops arrived on Thursday.

It was the largest mobilization in decades in this country ruled by Narsultan Nazarbayev from 1989 to 2019., Is considered the current president’s mentor.

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Tokayov announced his resignation from the cabinet and tried to calm the situation, to no avail. The government imposed a curfew and declared a state of emergency.

A truck burned during the struggle (REUTERS / Pavel Mikheyev)
A truck burned during the struggle (REUTERS / Pavel Mikheyev)

Communications have been affected and mobile signals have been blocked, As well as internet cuts and various news services.

Central Bank spokeswoman Oljassa Ramazanova announced the suspension of all financial institutions in the country.

The airports of Almaty, Octopus and Octavia and the capital Nursultan were inactive. Since the flights were canceled on Wednesday.

As a result of the confusion, the price Uranium, In which Kazakhstan is one of the world’s leading producers, rose sharply, and domestic companies’ prices plummeted on the London Stock Exchange.

The country is a hub for bitcoin mining, An activity that experiences a sharp decline.

Former President Nazarbayev, 81, has been the target of opposition protests and is chanting slogans in several protests. “Get out with the old man!”, Mentions his influence in politics.

Sending security forces during protests (Europe Press)
Sending security forces during protests (Europe Press)

The European Union (EU) has expressed its “concern” over the situation And called the United States a “peaceful” solution.

U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Nate Price He warned that Russian troops stationed in Kazakhstan would not try to bring the country’s companies under control and that the world would be alert to possible human rights abuses..

Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, has called on all parties to “avoid violence.”

Kazakhstan, a country that does not tolerate opposition at all, is a key ally of Russia, But it seeks to maintain fluid relations with the West and China.

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For Mukhtar Aplyasov, the leader of the French-based Kazakh opposition, the Kazakh regime is nearing an end. “I think the regime is over, and the question is how long it will take. “It will take another year, but in two weeks everything will change,” he said in an interview with the agency in Paris. AFP.

(With information from AFP)

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