March 22, 2023

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Negotiations with the IMF: The government is trying to embellish a tough deal and the internal agreement raises questions

Alberto Fernandez, along with Martin Guzmn, met Kristalina Georgieva in Rome.

The government has taken it through negotiations with the IMF, which is advancing according to various sources, however, with difficulties and its translation costs. They are intense, decisive moments. However, the exposure to olivos ends there The combination of confidence and toughness is a kind of debatable formula that embellishes a potential deal in advance. In that game, of course, tough and straightforward Kircherism messages are mentioned to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. The problem is that the chronology attached to the words can be a trap: in a matter of hours, the signals of the fund caused some unrest from creating the celebration..

Also, these things happen when you try to force a reality that is not handled exclusively by the government. There are additional episodes for retirees such as coming and going with the year-end bonus. Talks about daily domestic tensions, especially in this case, talks about an important topic in the organization schedule. These questions – the actual accounts in the 2022 panorama – are a special evaluation item in some areas of economic analysis. In those documents stands another issue that causes discrepancies in the ruling party’s taxes: prices.

The local debut this week included Alberto Fernandez’s presentation at the UIA meeting. His arrival was also plagued by visible mismanagement. The weighty officials promised that he would not attend – this was understood and spread by the business media A dextrate– Then there were quick steps to contact that he would go. The President delivered a detailed address. Recognizing the contribution of the industry, some warnings about the continuing price rise.

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With everything, Key data referred to a topic dominating politics and the economy: Negotiations with the IMF. The President emphasized progress in this area, perhaps thinking of another audience and raising the tone of demand IMF needs to review “failed” agreement with Mauricio Macri government, To enter into a new agreement with the country, i.e. the Extended Facilities Scheme.

The IMF confirmed the date yesterday Something the government does not know by any means. He said the head of the organization would review the previous appraisal of the deal on the 20th of this month. Agency sources explained that for technical and political reasons it is undoubtedly common in projects that are considered “exceptional”.. No one could have imagined that the decisions on the causes and consequences of the $ 50 billion loan would be responsible, technical and less political, with name and surname.

From the olivos circle Enthusiasm erupted before this announcement of the fund, which was almost the result of local “toughness”.. Thus, the difficult evidence of analyzing everything with the logic of cause and effect in a time frame is exposed. But the same exercise ended later, turning a particular celebration into a very dubious affair..

Fernanda Roverta, President of the Ances.  He sent a signal on the important issue of minimum pension for retirees
Fernanda Roverta, President of the Ances. He sent a signal on the important issue of minimum pension for retirees

Yesterday, Kristalina Georgieva talked about talks with Argentine officials. “The work is being done in a creative way,” he reiterated“There’s still a lot to do,” he clarified.. The managing director of the fund puts a lot of risk. The cards will be on the table at this time of meetings of the delegation of economics and central bank officials in Washington.

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However, considerations within the ruling party Go beyond public statements. They consider in the presidential circle Important Close Debt Agreements –Plus speculation about a dramatic turnaround that could be generated domestically in favor of the president-, but at the same time Attention is paid to every movement or minimal gesture that leads to hard Christianity. Of course, the former president’s last letter Was far from eliminating uncertainties.

As always there are some moves This may be due to the margins of the frontier official front that reveal extreme versions of Christianity.. The panel’s report, which included Amado Boudou, Alicia Castro, Gabriel Mariotto and Fernanda Vallejos, went unnoticed yesterday. They are asking the government to take the case of the agreement signed by the International Monetary Fund and the Macrista administration to the International Court of Justice. The lyrics are not so important, but the moment.

Yet more serious is another mismanagement of government. This time, retirees will receive a year-end bonus. An official spokeswoman denied the allegations and said Ansas chairman Fernando Roverta had opened it. Reading that focuses slightly beyond showing up and coming in, exposes different perspectives on an important area.. This is a social sector Affected by visible adjustment over the years. In response, it sought to polish it in part with a small amount of money set aside, which, in any case, would not obscure the global impact on the pension system.

The misunderstanding between Gabriela Cerruti and Raverta is more than just a story about another communication setback. Perhaps, according to a possible explanation, Warning about Kirchnerism, especially on mild days.

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In Congress, meanwhile, the draft budget It is history without taking even a single step. However, the “multi-year plan” is clear. I could not ignore the necessary budget, which is where the doubts about the reaction of the ruling party as a whole are central..

In terms of politics and in the eyes of experts in the field, a key point is set by rates. Subsidies to the energy sector will exceed $ 10 billion by the end of the year. And the dilemma is back What if there is a reduction in subsidies, then what is the increase in rates with inflation predicted above 50%?.

It is central to the debates and negotiations that take place in the political fabric. According to official plans, a memorandum of understanding with the IMF should be ready before Christmas, which is the basis for a multi-year plan to be sent to Congress soon. Concluding an agreement with the fund, coordinating domestically and negotiating with the opposition will be a serious end to this year..

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