May 30, 2023

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Nancy Pelosi announces that Democrats will reach an agreement within a week on Joe Biden’s economic plans

Nancy Pelosi (Reuters)

Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, He said Sunday that lawmakers from his party could compromise next week on the broader reforms that US President Joe Biden wants.

We are almost therePelosi told the CNN channel. Asked if an agreement would be reached in a week, he added, “That’s the plan.” “We have 90% agreement on the project and you have to make some final decisionsHe added.

Joe Biden at his home in Delaware this Sunday with Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Joe Munchin is one of the “moderate” Democrats who oppose certain sections of the Social and Environmental Reform Bill..

Biden on Thursday expressed caution about the possibility of an agreement in Congress to implement his social reform bill and his infrastructure plan.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi (Reuters)
Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi (Reuters)

On Wednesday he asked Congress to vote on his investment plans, which would “deepen the United States” and reduce its amount to try to unite all sides of the Democrats.

Biden held intensive talks during the week as legislators were reluctant to cast their ballots. Among them, he agreed to drastically reduce costs for social activities and climate change.

Senator from West Virginia Joe Mancin, And senator from Arizona, Kirsten Cinema, Two central democrats, equal to one Veto power In light of these bills a very narrow democratic majority in the upper house of Congress. Manjin, home to large coal mining companies, opposes measures that force companies to adopt cleaner technologies.

West Virginia Senator Joe Munch opposes full set (Reuters)
West Virginia Senator Joe Munch opposes full set (Reuters)

The President of the United States wanted to approve a plan $ 3.5 trillion in 10 years To improve health, education and childhood care. This is half of the cost of security. During discussions within your party, That number dropped to about $ 2 trillion.

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The other $ 1.2 trillion project is for investments in infrastructure upgrades.

There are still struggles in some subsections of the package, such as reducing or eliminating the plan to expand the maintenance plan. Medical care, Aids for that Child care And this Student assistance Low income.

Party leaders in the White House and Congress sought to conclude the talks by the end of October. Democrats are trying to reach an agreement that can gain the support of the party’s most progressive and most conservative sectors.

Democrats want to give President Biden something concrete to bring to the climate summit in Scotland in early November., And to make a case for Terry McAuliffe in the tight November 2 governor election in Virginia.

The idea is to create enough momentum in Congress so that Democrats in the House of Representatives can take another step, investing $ 1 trillion in road improvement projects and accessing the broadband Internet.

(With information from AFP and AP)