May 31, 2023

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Morocco took advantage of a wink of fate and Belgium’s confusion to top Group F.

They had to change the goalkeeper just before kick-off, but later justified the 2-0 win. They next face Canada on Thursday.

Things happen for a reason, and it’s usually bad luck or some unfortunate event that leads to something else that turns out to be good and even better. The success of Morocco About Belgium By 2-0 Caught by the hands Not going to be an archer -at least initially- in this match held at Al Thumama Stadium. truly, He entered the field as part of the substitutes, but had to come on before the opening whistle due to a malfunctioning starter..

About Muneer Mohammed, 33 years old. It’s Spanish. He was born in 1989 in Melilla, a city across the Strait of Gibraltar near the Moroccan border. He played for various Spanish teams such as Ceuta, Malaga and Numancia. He decided to become a national near and defend the colors RedBut from Africa. He had the best moment of his career on a Sunday afternoon.

Yasin Bono, the selection’s starting goalkeeper making saves in Seville. He came out ready to play and even sang the previous anthem. But could not start. What happened? He took medication to ease the pain from a blow to his groin, which left him with a severe stomach ache. should have left.

Yassin Bouno walks off the field before the match against Belgium. Photo: REUTERS/Matthew Childs

Mohammed stepped in and took out everything the Belgians threw at him. Although the European side never won, they had several shots from outside that found their way into the hands of the substitute keeper, who proved ready.

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Batshuayi, Meunier, Eden Hazard, Mohamedi spurned efforts from everyone as he defended his own ground and let those up top do their thing.

Belgium, unbeaten in their first two World Cup games in the last six editions they have played in, continue to be in incredible form in the Middle East. They had already had a tough time in their opening game against Canada, which surprised them with sheer pressure and intensity, despite their undeserved win.

This time, against Morocco, who felt local thanks to the noisy encouragement of thousands of fans, he tried to put his best foot forward by betting on a double command between them. Kevin De Bruyne Y Eden Hazard. But at no point did the game flow without the Belgium giants linking up with each other.

Again, Colorado was far from the limelight from Manchester City. He found it difficult to master the game and was unclear about finding balls between the lines. Hazard, for his part, was more active than in the first game. The Real Madrid man mostly handled the attacks and he didn’t hesitate to try and score when he could. He tried to align himself on the left with the rise of his brother Thorgan Hazard.

What Belgium did differently in terms of the premiere is that, starting this Sunday, they took possession of the ball and patiently tried to move from one side to the other, creating gaps in Morocco’s defense. A few times he did. When that happened, it was due to some mistakes by the previous African line-up.

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The Moroccans stuck to a tight 4-1-4-1 formation to keep out the creative Europeans who surrounded them at all times. But Morocco was more and more excited by Belgium’s doubts.

Hakimi’s rise on the right and Zieg’s deflected shot were cautions. The Walid Rekraui command resisted when they should (thanks to the hands of their replacement goalkeeper, as mentioned) and scored when they should. They had already disallowed a goal for offside after a VAR review in the opening 45 minutes.

Morocco sniffed blood and went in search of its prey. The Belgian sector was blamed for the diversion. And his rival did not forgive him. He filled it with air shipments. And it vibrated from the outside. Ziyech did it again. Boufal had it very clearly.

Saw it coming, it came. Everything on the stand was already a Moroccan party, including the cell phone lights, and the strawberries were from Free Kick. entered Abdelhamid Sabiri, surprised, aimed for the target instead of looking for the center. That upset the good Thibaut Courtois, who was not expecting the ball and reacted late.

Belgium tried to react. But he always collided with opposing defenses with every center back. Spaniard Roberto Martinez’s team was playing and didn’t even enter Luke There was striking weight.

And in a deadly counter-attack, Ziyech overflowed and Zacharias Abouklal, another entrant, lifted the Moroccan dream to maximum expression and scored the final blow to confirm all Belgium’s doubts at this World Cup, yet another real victory in Qatar.

Doha, Qatar. Special delivery.

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