March 22, 2023

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More than 1,500 dogs were euthanized by British police this year as “dangerous”.

Pit bulls are among the most endangered and endangered species in the UK

Hundreds of dogs “Dangerous” Killed after being caught by police this year, new figures reveal, but many have raised concerns that they are “Sacrifice unnecessarily.”

According to an investigation by the British media Sky News More than 1,500 dogs detained under the Dangerous Dogs Act in the UK since 2019 have been euthanized.

This situation has not gone unnoticed by animal protection organizations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPACA), which has condemned the euthanasia of many of these dogs under controversial law.Without any worries about their behavior.

Four breeds are banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act; Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Dosa, Togo Argentino and Fila BrasilroBut other comrades can be arrested if they dangerously violate the control.

Jack Liz, 10, last month He was bitten and killed by a dog identified as American Bully or XL Bully in Garfilli, South Wales. It is not one of the four species banned in the UK.

Nine-year-old Frankie McGrath of Plymouth died after being murdered by someone in April 2019. American Bulldog / Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross, an unrestricted breed.

Wednesday, 55-year-old man He was attacked and killed by a dog in Angus, Scotland, but the breed has not been confirmed.

These cases gave impetus to the uprising and blind sacrifices in the application of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

According to Dr Sam Keynes, a dog health expert for the RSPCA quoted by Sky News, the organization has urged the government to reconsider the Dangerous Dogs Act, which was introduced in 1991. “Create specific law”.

Argentina Togo is another species that is considered endangered by British law.
Argentina Togo is another species that is considered endangered by British law.

He said the dogs were captured and euthanizedBased on their appearance ”and“ most of them do not represent a risk to public safety ”.

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“We have been bringing in the law for 30 years, and yet we see dogs being killed unnecessarily. In the end, these dogs are being euthanized because they are resolute. They are not sacrificed because their behavior represents a public danger.” Dr. Keynes told the British media.

“There is no such thing as an aggressive dog breed by nature. Whether you see a dog’s aggressive behavior or not depends on how it was raised, how it was raised and their life experiences.” Added

At least 5,333 dogs have been seized by police Under the Dangerous Dogs Act from 2019, according to data provided by 29 forces.

Total During the same period, 1,525 “dangerous” dogs were euthanized, including 425 from January to November this year.As the figures published under the Informed Consent Act show.

Like the Quentin police who investigated Jack Liz’s death, Britain’s largest force, the Metropolitan Police, has refused to respond in terms of cost, so the total number of ‘dangerous’ dogs captured and euthanized will be much higher.

Meanwhile, the Police Service of Scotland and Northern Ireland (PSNI) said there were no data on the seizure of dangerous dogs.

Among the forces responding to Sky News, West Midlands Police It captured the most “dangerous” dogs with 1,465 dogs in the last three years, while 359 dogs were euthanized.

West Yorkshire police said they were arrested Since 2019, 467 dogs, 128 have been euthanized, while Merseyside police have seized 432 dogs and 95 euthanized.

According to British media figures, the overall number of dogs captured and euthanized under the Dangerous Dogs Act has been declining every year since 2019. According to Keynes, “It could be the impact of an epidemic.”

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Keynes said the RSPCA has been forced to euthanize 310 dogs since 2016 because they are a banned breed.

The Brazilian Row is a banned species in the United Kingdom
The Brazilian Row is a banned species in the United Kingdom

He insisted that in many cases it was dogs May have been “victims of cruelty and neglect” and “very nice and friendly family pets”.

“This is very shocking to our staff and veterinarians. No veterinarian wants to euthanize a healthy dog ​​because it is unique. It’s a huge emotional burden.”Keynes said.

“In many cases, it’s very shocking for owners to buy a puppy that is so naive in eight weeks … then this dog will become a dog that looks like a restricted breed. It’s very worrying.”Added.

Several studies have been conducted to understand why dogs attack, one of which was conducted by the University of Middlesex, noting that Jack Russell was involved in biting incidents of terriers, labs and German Shepherds. Owners are recommended to undergo mandatory training as a condition for purchasing a dog.

This is in addition to the government-appointed report found earlier this month Owners are not to blame for dog attacks.

For its part, the UK Parliamentary Committee has warned that from 2018 some legal dog breeds may pose a public safety risk such as illegal breeds.

The Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs called for a review of the UK’s endangered dog laws, saying it did not protect the public.

According to Sky News, the British government is prepared to “consider recommendations” made by law enforcement experts, recognizing that they should not be limited to specific species.

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