May 31, 2023

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Milei, Pichetto and De la Torre condemned the Brazilian violence and pointed against the left

National affiliate of Liberty Avanza Javier Miley He shared a document published by the Madrid Forum, in which “Brazil condemns violence and questioning the left’s double standards. “This way they can know where my position is going without having to find it online with people who are trying to deal with these episodes,” the economist said after the consultation. Nation.

The economist and presidential candidate avoided answering direct questions. He emphasized paragraphs 1, 4 and 5 of the message issued by the Madrid Forum, an international group that defends “freedom, democracy and the rule of law”.

“Unlike the Left, we maintain that standard Violence cannot be justified under any circumstances. Miley shared the message of the letter on her social networks.

“The Madrid Forum condemns the violence perpetrated in the strongest possible terms Attacker of Planaldo Palace in BrasiliaAt the same time that Condemns the dual status of leaders and progressive organizations“Who immediately came out to support Lula da Silva, but remained silent in the face of similar episodes in other countries,” the document released by the international organization said.

In its fourth paragraph, the letter shared by Miley added: “Unlike the Left, we are defenders of democracy and freedom. We adhere to one standard: violence is not justified under any circumstancesNot even when they attacked the Planaldo Palace, set fire to the Santiago de Chile Metro, or destroyed the first line of Cali”.

“If the leaders of the Sao Paulo Forum – Puebla Group, Progressive International, and the Left, founded by Lula da Silva, want to defend democracy in Brazil, they must first firmly condemn the dictatorships of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Otherwise, secondly, disband to end the continued violence it encourages and the protection they provide to regimes that are authoritarian or authoritarian in nature. Otherwise, these organizations and their members are completely unrecognized, while reaffirming their complicity in all forms of violence,” he concludes.

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Former Deputy and current Auditor General of the Nation Miguel Angel Pichetto He also spoke about the attack on the Planaldo Palace in Brasilia, although he insisted not to forget the “attack on the Supreme Court” in Argentina. “President Fernandez spoke suddenly. What happened in Brazil was worse. But it’s even worse in Argentina Attack on the Supreme Court. Protecting democracy means respecting other powers of government. “Coherence should govern the lives of common men,” he said.

Pichetto visited Bolsonaro in 2019Twitter

Another official is the presidential candidate for the Federal Republican Convention He knows how to present himself with Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the former Brazilian presidentIn October last year, when he visited the country.

In conversation with NationSenator of Buenos Aires and pre-candidates for Governor of Buenos Aires as one for change Joaquin de la Torre Bolsonaro tried to distance himself from yesterday’s attack in the Brazilian capital. “I always condemn violence, whether it comes from the left, is more general or from other sectors. Bolsonaro is in America, I don’t think he is behind these events,” said the former mayor of San Miguel.

“Yesterday was not a conspiracy, words should not be trifled with. It’s like the protests that have been going on since the day of the election by people who don’t want Brazil to go back to the past and denounce the fraud. He does not want a president convicted of corruption, a return to insecurity, and a government that throws money away.. For some reason they were allowed to enter the institutions, which is highly reprehensible. As Bolsonaro said, the protests must be within the law,” said Maria Eugenia Vidal, former Minister of Government and Production.

Eduardo Bolsonaro and Joaquín de la Torre tour the suburbs of Buenos Aires.
Eduardo Bolsonaro and Joaquín de la Torre tour the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Along these lines, the provincial official questioned Kirchnerism for not denouncing other anti-government events in Latin America in the same way. “The progressive sectors of Kirchnerism and Campimos were overpowered by what happened yesterday in Brazil, but They are silent about the coup in Peru. And they praised the violent forces in Chile that almost brought Piñera down,” de la Torre said.

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In October last year, de la Torre accompanied Eduardo Bolsonaro on a tour of the Buenos Aires suburbs. “He asked me to see firsthand the difficult situation into which Kirchnerism led us,” the opposition leader had said at the time.

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