May 30, 2023

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Michelle Obama has revealed her marital struggles with Barack Obama

During a conversation with him Michelle Obama Under the direction of Angie Martinez with her artists, Kelly Rowland, supermodel Winnie Harlow and businesswoman Tina Knowles-Lawson. Rebel TV, The former first lady of the United States said her relationship with Barack Obama went through many ups and downs. This usually happens in all marriages.

The lawyer-turned-best-selling author launched his latest title on a multi-media tour. With its own light, In it he shows himself vulnerable by describing various moments of his life Upbringing, motherhood and a relationship with one of the most prominent politicians of our time.

“My relationship with him is cordial”, confirmed the author as well, commenting with her interlocutors on what their relationship meant to her. Rodriguez reads an excerpt from the book in which Michael recalls being very nervous during his first book tour.

“He reassured me, reminded me that anxiety comes when you’re doing something big, and he hugged me and put me on my forehead, which was just what I needed,” she recounts on the pages. This is an example of situations where the Obamas have the right relationship. That is why they asked him during the speech “What advice do you have for people to choose their mates well?”.

In response, Michelle Obama said, “Be yourself, know yourself and feel whole before you get into a relationship, define who you want to do it with? Does that person know what they bring to the table?” . And what he addedThis is also the advice he gave to his daughters Malia and Sasha.

The Obama family AFP

But not everything is a fairy tale in 30 years, says Michelle Obama, the crisis she experienced at home lasted 10 years. “In the beginning we were two, each with his own life. If he has to travel, I’ll tell him “good time” and I’ll watch TV, but when you have kids it changes and now it’s “where are you going and for how long?” How many diapers have you changed? Why are you always at the gym? You do it because little kids are terrorists. They make their demands, they don’t communicate well, they cry, they’re irrational, selfish, but you love them more than anything, so you can’t blame them, do it with someone else,” he said.

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For this reason, during the birth and early years of their daughters, Michael was responsible for raising her while Barack did his duty. With the development of a career in politics.

“I see young couples giving up too easily because we don’t talk about how difficult and how costly it is to connect two lives beyond love. Couldn’t stand my husband for 10 years. Our daughters were small then,” he said.

Barack and Michelle Obama started a family together
Barack and Michelle Obama started a family together File, archive

And added it “Marriage is never 50/50. Sometimes it is 70/30 or 60/40. But when you look back, it’s been 10 years and we’ve been together for 30 years. You must know the person you are. Feelings are going to change, people want to leave when the crush leaves, you can’t make it like that.

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