March 22, 2023

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Mexico condemns Alberto Fernandez for supporting Brazil in IDB presidency dispute

López Obrador expressed his anger that Argentina supported Bolsonaro’s candidacy and not his. He considered that he did not honor a contract. “I hope they will comply,” he said, referring to the election’s association of Casa Rosada with the United States.

If the recent election of a new president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was once again clear, it The difficulty Latin America has in building lasting alliances.

Brazilian Ilan Goldjohn – who was actually born in Israel – was chosen This Sunday, after the dramatic ouster of Cuban-American Mauricio Claver-Carron last September, to head the IDB. And won the chairmanship of the largest Inter-American bank Because of the strong motivation of AmericaCanada and the International Monetary Fund, Alberto Fernandez finally agreed.

It emerged First tension Despite this strong difference between the governments of Alberto Fernández and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in the last hours they insisted on highlighting their friendship. They did it version after version Fernandez’s planned trip to Mexico was cancelled This Thursday the 24th was due to anger between him and AMLO, who did not speak on the phone at the end of the race for the IDB.

The presidency said that Alberto would not go to Mexico For medical license in Gastritis That he was diagnosed and this Wednesday took him on a trip to Corrientes. And very close to the president they expressed themselves like this: “Zero whores with AMLO. It is convenient for them and it is not convenient for us to follow him. They are friends. They are friends. Nothing is broken between us. You can write. So you will not be wrong.” The source insisted: “There was no difference. There were different views on how to resolve the IDP. The president He was privileged in his relationship with Lula, who supported Bolsonaro’s proposal“.

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For his part, López Obrador spoke publicly on Tuesday. “This is my friend. We are classmates. (…) Yes, we were watching IDP, but No agreement. However, that does not mean any distance; There is no difference,” he said. Part of his statements showed him to be somewhat angry with the United States and Argentina.

Alberto Fernandez walks with Andrés Manuel López Obrador during his visit to Mexico in February 2021.

So who is angry with whom? Alberto F. and López Obrador established a relationship in 2019 that they described as “perfect harmony.” Indeed, the Mexican He embarked on territorial crusades to Argentina, and was later abandoned (Belize’s frustrated run for IDB destroys OAS or improves CELAC).

Now, López Obrador has referred to Argentina after criticizing IMF loans to Argentina under the government of Mauricio Macri, in what he defined as a “political” gesture to get the PRO leader re-elected. “Totally in debt”. He added that Argentina had decided to back Goldfjörn at the IDB amid a “worsening” economic crisis and a “dissatisfied population” with Fernández’s government. “Because he’s in a difficult situation.”

And the question was raised: “We respect that point of view, but we don’t want it anymore.”

At a press conference last Tuesday, the Mexican president was clearly angry with Washington and Buenos Aires, after Alberto Fernandez’s support for Goldfügen, who ironically wanted: “I hope they comply” (for Argentina), a country living in “extremely difficult conditions”.

After pointing out, very angrily, that the Brazilian “More of the same” – A candidate of the “liberal era”, as he defined it-, López Obrador spoke to the press about Argentina on Tuesday.

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Power alliances

Journalists again asked López Obrador about reports that Alberto Fernandez was upset with him for not wanting to support Cecilia Todesca, the Argentine candidate for the IDB. To negotiate with Goldfajn strategic positions in the bank Under new leadership.

“No! We had our candidate and they had their candidate (Todesca). A candidate proposed by the Brazilian government and supported by Washington cannot be imposed”, criticized AMLO. Goldfajn was proposed by Jair Bolsonaro, but elected Lula da Silva did not speak out against his candidacy in a smart move.

“Then, they (Argentina) An agreement was reached with a candidate proposed by the Brazilian government and supported by Washington. Since Argentina is a brother country and Alberto is our closest people, Well, it’s going to help them, go ahead…hope they comply. I’m already very skeptical. But I could be wrong, of course. I am wrong like everyone else. And what if the IDB’s first move was to shut me up and give special support to Argentina. Then they would tell me to ‘learn’ this,” he shot.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in a press conference this Wednesday.  Photo by EFE
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in a press conference this Wednesday. Photo by EFE

In fact, the economist Todesca Bocco was proposed as a candidate at the last moment, when Kirchnerism thought she had a chance because she was a woman, the debate proposed by the United States -which is a strong partner-, but it was not. It’s going to make it a reality to have Goldfajn as a favorite.

Alberto F. and Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero proposed an alliance with Mexico and Chile as a candidate. But López Obrador It cut itself Gerardo Esquivel, and Gabriel Boric, by proposing Nicolás Eyzaguirre. In turn, Lula was elected president of Brazil At first he tried to postpone the vote in the IDB, and he could not “accommodate” Goldfage’s candidacy., Bolsonaro proposed. There they went with him, Alberto and Cafiro.

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Lula comes to power Reconstructing political “asylum”. Alberto Fernandez found in AMLO a Brazil ruled by Bolsonaro.

In the government they confirm that by reducing the candidacy of Todesca Pocco, Argentina would have negotiated for the position of Vice-President for Sectors and Knowledge at the IDB; Infrastructure and Energy Management, and a new Gender and Equality Institute. Massa intervened in direct negotiations with Goldfagin.

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