May 31, 2023

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Mauricio Macri boosted the internal JxC: “They have to put energy into not attacking me, because I don’t think I will get many votes”

Maurizio Macri spoke about economics and populism

Amidst the stirring turmoil of Uniting for Change (JxC), former Pres Maurizio Macri This Tuesday he returned to heating up the internal space by arguing that his coalition partners should “put energy” into attacking him because he doesn’t believe it “gets many votes”.

In this way he replied to the governor of Jujuy without directly naming him, Gerardo Morales, which took aim at Macri last weekend in a tribute to Raun Alfonsín. “Believing we’re the best team in the last 50 years and then losing is the lead,” UCR’s president said.

“They should focus their energy on not attacking me, because I don’t think I will get many votes,” replied the former head of state, who took part in an event he shared at the Puerto Madero Yacht Club. Former leaders Mariano RajoyFrom Spain, Sebastian PineraFrom Chile, and Alvaro UribeFrom Colombia.

Macri, on the other hand, avoided giving his view on the debate Patricia BullrichThe current president of the PRO threatened to beat up the Buenos Aires chief, Philip Michael, assured that he could not do so as he had not seen the video of the verbal altercation between the two. “I’m not going to comment on something I haven’t seen,” he argued.

This was stated before the question InfobayAfter a research paper on “The World’s Business Environment” at a forum organized by consultancy firm ABECEB, the leaders discussed global challenges to populism, economics and the international system.

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Macri opened the panel and focused his speech on questioning populist leaders. “Populism is the new global threat”, PRO’s founder categorically emphasized: “Populism must face a strong narrative involving civil society and the private sector.”

At another point, the former head of state also mentioned the 2023 election contest. “Next year populism will end decades in Argentina”Macri launched and quickly slipped down, in a discordant tone: “Let’s leave it here.” The phrase drew laughter and applause from the audience.

Macri’s statements come after a convulsive day at the PRO. A video went viral this morning in which Patricia Bulrich passed Felipe Miguel, head of Horacio Rodríguez Loretta in the city. “Next time I’ll break your face”, the head of the PRO threatened the Buenos Aires official. The video deepened the tension in the Yellow Party over the 2023 nominations debate.

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Consulted by Infobay As for the crossover between Bulrich and Felipe Miguel, Macri dodged the question with four words: “I didn’t watch the video”, he recused himself. “I’m not going to comment on something I haven’t seen,” he insisted. The PRO leader has kept himself above the fray in the opposition alliance and has not offered concrete terms about a possible candidate.

The former head of state’s response was in contrast to the climate before his arrival at the yacht club. “There was a wonderful stir among all the groups,” a JXC official who attended the event slipped as he savored a croquette with salmon and avocado.

During his speech, the former president did not mention the issue. However, he emphasized the line he is following in the context of the publication of his book “Why”, where he reinforces his Balkan speech and questions the opinion that the Los Palomas section of the opposition coalition declares, Rodríguez. Lauretta is one of its main exhibitors. These are the debates that underline the contention for leadership in PRO.

Macri with Rajoy and Piñera
Macri with Rajoy and Piñera

“Today more than ever, team-based leadership is needed to support long-term policies together and avoid populism, which promises a brilliant present that destroys the future,” Macri said at the yacht club. In another segment, the former president referred to the role of the technological revolution and then identified the present as an “era of the anticipatory revolution”.

In this regard, he explained that “the world’s middle classes, more than the humble, have come forward to make demands so boundless that our democracies are unable to resolve them in times of democratic system,” adding: “That is where the populist concession does so much damage.

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In Lauretismo, they worry about the uncertainty of Macri’s potential candidacy. That irritation extends to other branches of the opposition coalition’s national tableau. This political chess-playing by the head of the PRO hinders presidential election plans and prevents possible cross-alliances and sub-national alignments.

There is consensus in the opposition about Macri’s key role in 2023. The former president also knows it and is playing with his strategy of politically meddling to increase his activities as a decision-maker, but his electoral future does not offer pretty outlines. .

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“We have to show that we can compete with each other”Macri asked before the election debate at the JxC. “I believe that our coalition has many proposals in the next primaries so that voters can choose what values ​​and what ideas they want to implement.”He strengthened the former president in this regard.

Mauricio Macri responds to Gerardo Morales
Mauricio Macri responds to Gerardo Morales

With uncertainty in the opposition about a possible presidential bid, Macri gave an enigmatic response and left the coin in the air. “For me, it’s the most obvious of everything I’ve ever done.”He insisted.

Debate is another topic that is mobilizing the opposition this time Removal of STEP, which is run by a department of the Frente de Todos. Without a primary system, opposition coalition candidates will find it difficult to crack the election. “It is not right to change the rules of the game during a match”Macri said.

“To make all the reforms that Argentina needs, we all have to go to the primary together,” Boca Jr.’s ex-president insisted. When asked about the declarations of Eliza CarrionMacri, who today threatened to be a presidential candidate if the Civic Alliance were excluded from the list closures, repeated almost like a mantra: “Let them compete, let all who want to compete compete.”

For their part, anticipating the arrival of former presidents at the final conference, a small group of politicians and businessmen almost whispered about fighting in the opposition. “It’s a barbaric riot, they’re killing each other worse than the government,” a businessman criticized the scene, in a corner of the Puerto Madero club’s reception room. “The foam goes down with the World Cup”He tried to convince an opposition leader.

“What a day to be here, hmm,” he said, mocking the dialogue Infobay A leader who frequents Macri waits at the yacht club for the former president’s visit. The long-running panel of former presidents came to an end. During the day, the coach at JxC raised the temperature that raised expectations to hear from the head of the FIFA Foundation.

The president of the Civic Alliance, Elisa Cario (Christian Gaston Taylor)
The president of the Civic Alliance, Elisa Cario (Christian Gaston Taylor)

As his former colleagues spoke, the Together for Change founder listened intently and took notes. In the middle, the conference was not excluded from football jokes between Magri, Piñera and Uribe. “I don’t want to insult you sportingly because you’re the host today,” Chile teased.

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Regarding Macri’s statements, Rajoy joined in and warned that “there are no strong leaders in the world to face populism”. Piñera positioned himself in the same mould, noting that “this new time deserves a leadership that does not see elections,” and advised: “Leaders must keep some figures, but they don’t have to stop being politicians.”

Uribe praised Argentina’s former president for entering politics after stepping down as president of Boca Juniors. “President Macri Marked by Forming Teams in Sports Transformed into Politics.” Later, the Colombian asked for “the courage to resist the currents and ignore the referendums.”

Panel Referee Mariana Way, CEO of ABECEB. It is a system of integration Dante Chica, former Minister of Production and Labor in the Macri government. The economist is one of the pillars in the organization of the event, which began planning in March this year.

The event started in the morning and consisted of several panels interspersed with presentations by leaders, academics and businesspeople. Under the slogan “The Other Climate Change”, the forum discussed changes in the business environment after the coronavirus pandemic. In this program, the new geopolitics and disruptions in the business world are discussed with a focus on innovation, sustainability and social inclusion.

Among the guests and speakers throughout the day, the presence of stacks like Sica stood out; Daniel CioliAmbassador of Argentina to Brazil; Andres MalamudPolitical scientist and researcher at the University of Lisbon; Ricardo HausmannVenezuelan economist and professor of economics at Harvard University; Sergio AbreuGeneral Secretary of Aladi; Pierpaolo BarbieriFounder and CEO of Ualá; Hugo EurnegiaCEO of Compañía General de Combustibles, and Gaston RemyCo-founder and CEO of Nuqlea, et al.

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