June 6, 2023

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Matias Alinovi wins Abelardo Castillo International Short Story Award | For his “Heidegger” story

Three Argentine writers won Abelardo Castillo International Short Story Award, Organized by the magazine Be cultural. For the first edition of the competition 3,064 stories were presented from 27 countries. Matthias Alinovi Got the first prize, 150 thousand pesos and a work presented by the artist Fernando Garcia Gordon’s “Hitech”. The second prize is “Pattern Animals” by Juan Revolt of C கோrdoba, which receives 80,000 pesos. Third place went to Maximo Hurta, who won 50,000 pesos with “the pink we carry inside”.. The jury consisted of Cuban Leonardo Paduro, Argentine writer Sebastian Pasuvaldo and Cuban-Argentine journalist and editor Clarebel Terre Morale, the magazine’s director.

The jury for this first edition also decided to award six references to “El Atrobello” by Reena Roffe; “Los Barrosas”, Juliana Gualbari; “What was”, Marcelo Pitrola; “Osito”, Melina Ruiz Natalie; “The Trailment of the Crawl” by Marcos Alberto Martinez; “A Poem for Laika” from Venezuela Gabriel Pierce, Resides in Buenos Aires; And “The Beast”, Chile Raul Molina Otorola. Most of the stories submitted for the award have been relocated, without a recognizable organization or country; Themes such as loneliness, cruelty, abandonment and death and “some hopeful stories” appear. Another notable detail is that many male writers participated in female nicknames.

“A literary competition is always about collecting letters and questions; In part, it’s a magazine, ” said Terre Morel, director Be cultural-. That’s why we decided to make the call in the first year, along with other co-directors Antonio Pirabent and Estefan de Corey. Be cultural In the difficult moment of the epidemic, we knew participation would be better. All three were well aware of Abelardo Castillo’s response: “What is literature in a world without meaning? There are only two answers. First: It makes no sense. The second precision does not seem fashionable today: to imagine an object for the material world of literature, and therefore for the writer who writes it.

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The magazine’s directors and jury acknowledged the support of Sylvia Ibaraguer, writer and colleague of Abelardo Castillo, who will attend the awards and awards ceremony in the public arena on Thursday, November 11, at 6:00 pm. Library Station Park. At the awards ceremony, the date of the Abelardo Castillo International Reading Marathon will be announced, the idea of ​​the Homage team that created the magazine, in which readers from different parts of the world will read the author’s works. Other doors And Horrible stories, In other story books.

In the same year he won the second prize in the National Donation Competition for Art With the storybook Double contradiction, Alinovi (Buenos Aires, 1972), a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in physics, insists that winning the first edition of the competition was “a great pleasure”. “Abelardo Castillo is a classic of Argentine literature. There is no one who does not remember traveling anywhere in the beginning. Who is thirsty, That dim long-distance mic decay. Whoever awakens makes it an unrealized experience, even if he does not live it, in altered modes of feeling, in the amazement of the senses, in the shipwreck of meaning. Visual great dizziness; That is, Castillo is a scene, not a sea tiger, but a sea, ”the novelist thinks. Grill (Alfaguara) and Paris and hatred (Entropy), has also published a book for children The secret of Borges (Little teacher).

“Heidegger”, the award-winning short story, “exists and has no relationship” with the German philosopher, as Alinovi expected. “This year I read the books by the Argentine philosopher Nestor Cartero. Thinking it might be a dog’s name, I took the sentence as an inscription for a possible story.A dog will not look where they are, they will look for them where they are not available.

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