May 31, 2023

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Massa confirmed Gabriel Rubinstein as deputy minister

Minister of Economy, Serge MassaHe confirmed this afternoon Gabriel Rubinstein Will be your Deputy Minister. He did it through social networks. The economist was vetoed by Kirchnerism, at least in words, because of Rubinstein’s tweets and criticism of the current government. Especially Vice President Christina Kirchner.

Massa attributed the delay in the appointment to formal procedures and Rubinstein’s personal problems. New Economic Planning Secretary Massa gave the vote of thanks And he noted the government’s “breadth” in accepting him into its ranks despite his critical views.

posted as NationRubinstein was the director of the central bank, until now he was the head of the consulting firm GRA (Gabriel Rubinstein y Asociados), and when he examined the landing of Sergio Massa in the cabinet, he said that “an irregular adjustment” was taking place. in the country. He said the deal with the IMF was “just an economic plan”.

“Amendments must be made because there are things that are out of date. However, the program with the IMF appears to be the only economic program. It’s a balanced program of a certain level that does not allow inflation to get completely out of hand, because there is a path to reduce the deficit and reduce the monetary problem,” Rubinstein noted in an interview with LN+ months ago. The impact of the war in Ukraine, which changed the project goals and the international environment.

Los Notes and reviews of Rubinstein were taken Masa’s officialization is a little more solid on the inside of everyone’s front with this resolution.

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Using economist networks and public statements, Massa announced that upon taking office, he would be secretary of economic programming.

On Twitter, economist Cristina Kirchner questioned not only the policies implemented during her presidency, but also the direction of Alberto Fernandez’s administration. In fact, he has retweeted questions to the government from radical opponents of the ruling party, such as Patricia Bulrich (Pro), José Luis Espart (Avanza Libertad) or the liberal economist Diana Mondino.

“Necessary Corrections should be made as there is outdated material. anyway, The plan with the IMF seems to be the only economic plan. It is a project with a certain degree of stability Allowing inflation not to run completely, “Because there is a path to reducing the deficit and reducing the money problem,” Rubinstein said in an interview months ago. LN+, Addresses the project’s goals and the impact of the war on Ukraine, which has changed the international environment.

To the extent that (the plan with the IMF) comes to fruition, it will allow us to block the most disruptive and harmful efforts of Kirchnerism. And the government creates itself. It’s a break from something that could be a lot worse. This agreement recognizes the triviality of the practice, but avoids worst-case scenarios, “One would think that Argentina’s economy would not suffer a breakdown, not just because of default, but because of the fall in deficits and other issues,” he added in his speech in March.