March 26, 2023

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Marcela Taro’s concern about her son Juan Cruz’s health: “If it doesn’t improve, we will be hospitalized”

Marcela Taro is going through troubled days because of her son Juan Cruz’s health, the fruit of her relationship with businessman José María Alvarez. After several weeks Ill healthThe possibility of the young man being hospitalized has not been ruled out.

On a radio show The Moorish Club, the entertainment journalist reported that the 16-year-old boy had been ill for a month and was not recovering. “I am very worried about my son. It started with a bacteria and now he has bronchitis, but if he doesn’t get better we may have to hospitalize him”, he said first.

Next, Taurus noted how events unfolded. “He misbehaved with the antibiotic and now we’re in this,” he said, clarifying that he initially didn’t believe the picture would improve. “It worries me, not that I don’t care about it, it worries me these days,” he added.

Marcela Taro and her son Juan Cruz on the young man’s 15th birthday

For the journalist, motherhood has not been an easy experience as she developed HELLP syndrome, a serious blood pressure complication during her pregnancy with Juan Cruz that led to her being hospitalized with no chance of becoming a mother again. Taurus became a mother in 2006 The birth was difficult and it was brought forward. His first child was born in the seventh month When the panelist was in her 32nd week of pregnancy, at Otamendi Sanatorium. The boy was born weighing 1,850 kg and was in neonatology while his mother He was in intensive care for twenty days.

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After being diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, the panelist explained: “It’s a condition where the liver enzymes eat everything and get the baby out. This is similar to preeclampsia. They read me and told me to remove it. It was strong and I had a bad time. As a result, “Zhuangji” had to go to neonatology, where he spent 45 days in the hospital before being reunited with his family.

Juan Cruz turned 16 on July 13
Juan Cruz turned 16 on July 13

On many occasions, Taurus was responsible for explaining that this is an important moment in his life, which is why his date of birth, that is, every birthday, is a moment of celebration and unity with the whole family.

On July 13, Juan Cruz turned 16. Not much is known about his future yet. want Your Instagram profile is private You can see a photo of you in a room, proof that you have no publications, but many followers: it exceeds three thousand.

The photos shared by the journalist allowed us to think about its development. A fan of River Plate, he maintains a very good relationship with his mother and a close relationship with his father. On the other hand, there are brothers: Jose Maria Alvarez has two children from his previous marriage. “Thank God they got along well,” Marcela said on air earlier this year intruders (USA TV).

Marcela Taro with Juan Cruz after giving birth
Marcela Taro with Juan Cruz after giving birth

Before Juan Cruz was born, Taurus lost a pregnancy. In May this year, the journalist revealed He had a profound talk with a medium during the pandemic, telling him about the child he had lost Ten years ago. The man also mentioned the journalist’s dead father.

Marcela Taro recalls a shocking talk she had with a medium

“I had a live show with a medium from America and I was surprised, I thought I was wrong. I googled it and everything but my dad always showed up. When I had my son, I felt my dad’s hand on my shoulder. Then the medium told me things. . For example, he told me about a child I lost. I didn’t know that children grow up in another plane, he told me: ‘Today I will be the age of your son’. I swear, he described to me how it is today,” this year The panelist said in conversation with Flor de la V on the show. intruders.

“I thought I would be intimidated by the speech. But on the contrary, it made me want to know more. Especially because of what the child’s medium told me. He told me I had to give it a name. There you learn two things. You have to light a candle for them to wake up. “Because there are souls who do not ascend, some remain suffering. There are people who die, and I do not expect to die. The soul remains. His body is gone, but the soul does not know what happened to him and does not rise,” he explained.

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