March 22, 2023

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Luis Almagro | The resolution was issued by an overwhelming majority that included the United States in which the OAS approved an external investigation into the lack of ethics

Uruguayan Luis Almagro He seems to be going through some very difficult times ahead Organization of American States (OAS). His position is questionable, not because of him Controversial allegations of fraud in BoliviaIt ended up being a kick to the coup, or not because of their intentions Nicolás Maduro’s military intervention in Venezuela. The Permanent Council of the OAS has overwhelmingly approved an external investigation into alleged ethical misconduct by Almagro because of his close relationship with one of his subordinates., who has benefited from a promotion. The resolution, presented by Uruguay and Antigua and Barbuda, was adopted at a meeting of the Permanent Council with 30 in favor, two abstentions and one abstention.

Even Washington, a staunch Almagro backer who has contributed nearly half of the $100 million earmarked for the organization this year, had voiced support for an external investigation before Friday’s vote. “There was an almost unanimous opinion that Argentina could not help. This proposal was not from the point of view of interfering in the personal life of the Secretary-General, but Be jealous that no corporate privilege is used to favor an individual“, he assured Page 12 Ambassador of Argentina to the OAS, Carlos Raymond.

A “super-guaranteed” relationship

In his speech during Friday’s session, Almagro expressed his support for the inquiry request and took the opportunity to “confirm, reaffirm and super-confirm the existence of such a relationship.” Regarding the woman mentioned in the complaint, the Uruguayan, who has led the organization since 2015, emphasized: “She was my partner for practically three years, probably the best of my life on a personal levelEven though our relationship ended months ago.”

A task force made up of countries leading the Permanent Council, as well as the OAS Finance Secretary, will now be in charge of selecting an external agency, which must submit a report within three months from the date of appointment. Once the investigation is complete and the report reaches the Permanent Council, member states “must take appropriate measures.”

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An investigation will be conducted to find outIn the context of an emotional relationship, Almagro violated the internal regulations of the OASIt states that those who have a close relationship with another employee or service provider “disqualify themselves from supervising or evaluating that person” and “must not participate in any management decision affecting that person’s interests.

The complaint stemmed from an email sent to an anonymous whistleblower organization that alleged Almagro maintained or maintained a “close personal relationship with an official” from Mexico and “suddenly, without competition, promoted him from a middle position.” -level to senior adviser”. This information was later confirmed by an article in the Associated Press Agency.

“From that point of view we, With great caution, we do not exaggerate this research demand and rely on institutional channels of inquiry.” he explained Raymond For this journal. Although his version is still unknown, various media and news organizations have revealed that he is the Mexican political scientist Marion Vidaurri, who is already mentioned in the book. Luis Almagro was unapologeticReleased in 2020 as a partner of the General Secretary.

Almagro will also investigate another complaint by an anonymous informantNoting that A former housekeeper who worked at the official residence of the OAS was physically and verbally assaulted by his ex-wife.. The secretary general failed to protect her and fired her, according to the whistleblower. In connection with this complaint, the investigation must determine the reason for the employee’s termination and whether Almagro was aware of the irregularities.

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A long history of controversy

The Uruguayan ambassador has been accumulating backlash over the years: countries such as Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina have asked for his resignation more than once and the OAS court has decided Caused “moral, personal and professional damage”. Paulo Abrao for slandering him When he decided not to renew his mandate as President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in 2020. Now the OAS Secretariat will pay legal costs and expenses to a Brazilian lawyer with an approved international assignment, along with an amount equivalent to twelve months’ salary.

Last week, Mexico strongly criticized Almagro for renewing the OAS Ombudsman Agreement. Nida PerezA long-discussed plan to fill that position with an open and competitive process was approved days ago. “Unfortunately, this is not an isolated act,” Mexican representatives said in a written statement on November 1, adding that Almagro’s behavior “fits a pattern in which the will of states is ignored and institutions are violated.” OAS”.

Almagro59, was elected with near-unanimous support after serving as president of the OAS in 2015. Minister of Foreign Affairs in Pepe Mujica’s government in Uruguay. But once established in Washington, Joined the United States in opposing the governments of Cuba and Venezuela. He followed former President Donald Trump’s line in not ruling out the use of military force to topple President Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

His stellar participation in the 2019 elections in Bolivia is memorable. Condemnations of alleged fraud that halted the election led to the resignation of then-President Evo Morales.. The scene enabled the assumption of the former de facto president Jeanine Áñez, who is currently serving time for unconstitutional duties and violations of resolutions, with whom Almagro has repeatedly expressed solidarity. The Uruguayan diplomat continues to not comment on all these issues.

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