May 31, 2023

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La Lata neighborhood: He wanted to punch a police officer, and another agent suffered a broken bone when he fell from a roof.

The 26-year-old attacker was arrested on Wednesday for resisting arrest at Villa Lata. Two police officers were involved in the incident. One of them was hit with a knife, while the gun hit the bulletproof vest, causing no injuries. The other fell from a shed roof while chasing the suspect and was hospitalized with two broken ribs.. The intervention began with the theft of a cell phone from a bus passenger who alerted uniformed officers to control the situation.

According to the prosecutor Pablo Soca based on the testimonies, the row that took place on the morning of January 15th began when two motorized police officers who were carrying out traffic control in Corrientes and Amebanar received. A request for assistance from a passenger of a city bus.

girl shouted the unit from the window The tax file states that they stole his cell phone and that’s when cops saw a man throw himself out the back door.

Petty Officer Fabian C. Run to the suspect in Paraguay and Nora catches up with him in Lagos. Meanwhile, The attacker hit him With the blade not injuring him, the ballistic suit stopped the attack.

A second attempted attack took place, a uniformed officer leveled a shot that hit the grass, the assailant dropped the weapon and ran through Paraguay, where he entered a house 3000m away. By that time, other police units had already arrived.

One of the police officers of the Radio Electric Command (CRE) chased the fugitive off the roof of the block. While stepping on the sheets of a shed belonging to President Rokha y Amenabare, he fell from a height of 6 meters., he lost consciousness and suffered two broken ribs and two spinal cords. Petty Officer Armando B., from Reconquista, is admitted to Laprida Hospital in intensive care.

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At 1500 the persecution ended in a house in Amenabar and some neighbors were arrested for throwing stones. For this reason, a 14-year-old boy was delayed.

Maximiliano David Escobar (26) was charged with resisting authority and Judge Patricia Bilotta He was ordered to spend 90 days in jail.

In this context, lawyer Pablo Soca reiterated his request to find witnesses to the robbery. “Any data It would be useful to contact via email [email protected] or visit the Criminal Justice Center and appear on the second floor at the second regional prosecutor’s office,” the statement said.