May 31, 2023

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Kosovo soldiers are preparing to train in the Falkland Islands and the government is preparing a strong resistance

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The Kosovar Parliament announced this. Argentina does not recognize this former Serbian province, which declared itself independent in 2008.

And Alert from the Argentine Embassy in Serbia the heart Defense to the Malvinas Secretariat of the Ministry of External Affairs. Specifically, it was a notification from Ambassador Osvaldo Marsico to Undersecretary Guillermo Carmona.

The parliament of Kosovo, a small, self-proclaimed independent republic, declared independence in 2008 with the approval of the United States and other NATO powers. Kosovo approved sending a contingent of Albanian troops to the Malvinas as a “peace support mission”. and as part of its military treaties with England.

Although the British Ministry of Defense did not announce this, the Kosovo government, The Ministry of External Affairs is preparing a strong opposition against this type of agreement whether it is passed or not. They see it as Britain’s South Atlantic “source of demilitarisation” and a training ground for troops.

At that time, the Argentine government argues, it first met soldiers assigned to the archipelago. Later they fought in Afghanistan, for example. So far, only cases of soldiers of British origin are known.

Argentina has never recognized KosovoThe former province of Serbia was heavily bombed by NATO as it tried to oust dictator Slobodan Milosevic in the wake of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia and a bloody war in the Balkans.

With more than 2 million people of Albanian and Muslim descent, it became independent nine years after the war with Belgrade, but is not recognized as a state by the United Nations, although it is recognized by more than 100 countries. Except where there are conflicts, territories like Russia and China. It is not recognized by the EU, including Spain, Greece, Romania and Slovakia, which questions its existence. Y Argentina does not recognize the Malvinas issue precisely because it is a precedent.

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Ratified by the Kosovar Parliament

The Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency has published a full report on what the Kosovar parliament just approved.

Security forces 3,000 regular members and about 1,000 subscribers.

“Representatives and the Kosovo Assembly have approved the deployment of a contingent of the Kosovo Security Force (FSK) to the Falkland Islands, part of the United Kingdom,” they said. He agreed that seven members of the FSK would be sent for the mission.

According to the report, Kosovo and the United Kingdom signed an agreement in September 2022 to coordinate their forces on these types of missions.. They were agreements similar to the Kosovo agreements with the United States and another group of Kosovar Albanian soldiers were sent to serve in Kuwait. For that matter, there is little contact with NATO forces, which Serbia is suspicious of.

Social media influencer journalist Xhemajl Rexha tweeted: “#Kosovo is sending a team of 7 soldiers to the Balkans on a ‘peace support mission’ as part of a cooperation agreement with the @BritishArmy. Last year, Kosovo Defense Forces also served in Kuwait, alongside the US Army. .”

Despite the fact that Argentina has never recognized Kosovo and cannot recognize it, so as not to leave a precedent in the face of the sovereignty conflict over the Malvinas. Argentinian blue helmetsThat is, a military force engaged in United Nations peacekeeping operations, They stopped there.

It happened in 2006, after the war in the Balkans. And they were mainly helping Kosovar Albanian children.