May 31, 2023

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Javier Miley and a message together for change: “They will fail” | A fight over who is more neoliberal, right Greek

“They will fail.” With that phrase, far-right deputy Javier Mili was destroyed A stroke of the pen is likely to compete in STEP with another block with the same ideological guise: Together for Change. The legislator burns in the fire of internal opposition, Commenting that he is dead is the solution to the alliance between the PRO, UCR and the Alliance. When Miley turned to show her Sympathy with Bolsonaro’s followersBy denying the coup d’├ętat by Brazilian democracy.

Miley didn’t hesitate against being together for a change. Heavy ammunition assigned to UCR: “The extremists don’t care if Kirchnerism wins the elections, because they will continue to suck the state and bite the charges”said the general officer.

Using biological analogies, Millay placed the “seed” for the failure of change in its “mixture.” “The virus and germ of JxC is in the extremists, the civil coalition and the “popcorn” of the PRO,” he opined to confirm the “solution”. “I’d be happy to die if we united for change.”introduced Miley, who said she still maintains a good relationship with Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich.

“The big problem they have is that someone appears outside the political system, who doesn’t live from politics, who doesn’t do business with politics like they do, who lives by doing business.” Completing Riccardo Bussi’s former advisor, the repressor was part of the House of Representatives during the 90s..

Miley and his sympathies with the Brazilian coup leaders

“The plot is wrong, it’s not technically feasible.” It was Millay’s attempt to protect the Brazilian coup leaders who seized the triad building to demand a massive South American military intervention. “If Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are on Lula’s side, isn’t that something that catches your attention?” He added to the newspaper. Clarion Miley had a somewhat partial position, as solidarity with the new president was the same in all countries of the world.

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This is not Millay’s first endorsement of the militants, which mentions former President Jair Bolsonaro. At the same time as the Estadp coup, the far-right deputy used fake news On Twitter – produced by the portal La Derecha Diario- It described the anti-democracy offensive as a “massive protest demanding an end to Lula’s authoritarian actions”.

Miley has always tried to be an ally of Jair Bolsonaro by supporting his re-election campaign and visiting his son’s country a few months ago.