March 26, 2023

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Jair Bolsonaro has asked his supporters to block the roads

Jair Bolsonaro asked his followers to block the roads

Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday asked his supporters to block the roadsBut Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s victory at the polls supported the “elsewhere” protests that swelled across Brazil.

“I want to appeal to you: remove the roadblocks. It does not seem to me to be part of a fair demonstration (…) Other demonstrations across Brazil, in squares… are part of the democratic game. Be comfortable,” said the Brazilian president.

In a video published on his social networks, the head of state pointed out the roadblocks of truckers, but He avoided criticizing other protestsoccurred at the gates of dozens of barracks across the country and His supporters called for “military intervention”. This prevents Lula’s investiture, scheduled for next January 1.

“Free the highways”, demanded the far-right leader, saying the movement supporting him “cannot lose its legitimacy”: “I am with you and I am sure you are with me. My demand is about the roads. We are going to open them for the benefit of our nation.

Police officers work during a protest by supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro against President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who won a third term after a second-round presidential election, in the Military Division urban area in Brasilia, Brazil, November 2. , 2022 REUTERS/Diego Vara

I cooperated at this time under the leadership of the President to rekindle patriotism, love of country and the green and yellow flags, the protection of the family and freedom. ” he said.

Also, referring to his defeat in the election, he declared that he was “sad and angry” but affirmed that it was “necessary to keep one’s head in place”.

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Road blockades by far-right truckers who support Bolsonaro began last Monday morning, hours after elections confirmed Lula’s victory by just 1.8 points.

The movement lost steam on Wednesday after 44 hours of silence, a day after the president conceded defeat.

According to the latest information from the Highway Police, 15 of the country’s 27 states had more than 100 anti-trucker pointsMost of them were “partial” blockades, which, while obstructing, did not stop vehicular traffic.

Bolsonaro fanatics demand military intervention in Brazil to prevent Lula's assumption of power (REUTERS / Ueslei Marcelino)
Bolsonaro fanatics demand military intervention in Brazil to prevent Lula’s assumption of power (REUTERS / Ueslei Marcelino)

Thousands of Bolsonaros rallied outside camps in cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo on Wednesday to demand military intervention in the face of Lula’s victory in Sunday’s vote. to the cry of “I approve” and “Federal intervention now!” They called for action by the armed forces against the failure of their leader.

In all cases the slogan is the same: “Federal intervention”, under Article 34 of the national constitution, which at one point states that “the Central Government can intervene, if necessary and in any way, to guarantee the form of republic”. , Representative Organization and Democratic Governance”.

As per the posters displayed by the protestors, the excuse was one and the same A Lula government would lead Brazil to “communism” and implement a regime similar to that in countries like Venezuela or Nicaragua.Quoted in many banners and loyal to Bolsonaro’s speech in his election campaign.

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They denounced a hypothetical fraud denied by the electoral justice system and all parties and institutions that recognized Lula’s victory, as did hundreds of foreign governments.

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