May 31, 2023

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It is now known that the country has had a month of covid mutations that are worrying the world

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They are two new versions of Omicron, popularly known as “Hound of Hell” and “Nightmare”. Scientists are investigating the link to the rise in cases.

It is difficult to determine Trend change occurred in the last two weeks on the curve Covid infections Registered in the country, with Integral increaseAttached to two new sub-lines of Omicron that worries the world, and it is now known that they have already been in Argentina for a long time. More than a month.

The latest National Epidemiological Bulletin, corresponding to the 46th week (November 13 to 19), reports the detection of a case for the first time. Highlights BQ1.1 And the subsidiary is another XBB.1, detected in the 41st week (October 9 to 15). That is, the infections they caused Five weeks ago Need to inform.

In subsequent bulletins published Between week 41 and 45 (Between November 6 and 12) the percentage predominance of the BA.4 and BA.5 subtypes of covid was described several times, but BQ1.1 and XBB. 1’s time passed but nothing was said.

Variations in Argentina are characteristic An admitted weakness In the footnote of the official document of the 46th week: “Because A small number of samples were analyzed In recent weeks, no decision has been made regarding the percentage distribution of SARS-CoV-2 strains in the weeks following EW 37”.

Although Argentina never stood out in the epidemic Genetic monitoring, since mid-September ‘It’s still flawed. That’s happening despite the Malbrán Institute Has state-of-the-art equipment By January 2021 it is capable of performing massive genome sequencing of Covid samples, providing an accurate, real-time map of circulating variants.

According to official data, Argentina has few samples to sequence the covid genome. Photo: Luciano Thiberger
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Now cases are on the rise again in Argentina, particularly in the city of Buenos Aires. This Sunday’s segment is nationally A 50 percent increase Compared to the previous week. Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, the rise is increasingly pronounced: since it 122 percentSeven days ago the weekly variation was 91 percent.

Going back to BQ1.1, the sub-line as it is popularly called “Hellhound”, the World Health Organization (WHO) does not agree with the name because it considers it confusing. The XBB.1, meanwhile, was baptized by the social imagination “The Dream”Nickname vetoed by health agency.

The emergence of these new covid mutations in the world Uncertainty and anxietyBut the WHO has said there is no conclusive evidence that these new subtypes of the omicron variant are more serious than the previous ones.

However, European, Asian and American reports attribute these versions of the virus. Perfected the ability to infect and regenerate For those already infected with other early versions of Omicron.

Descending from BQ1 Subtype BA.5 From Ómicron and with a large presence in Europe and the US, the XBB.1 is a hybrid Two lineages of BA.2: BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75, and widely distributed in Asia.

A major difference between BQ.1 and XBB Number and location of mutations in the human receptor-binding domain known as the spike protein. This part of the protein is essential for the virus to attack cells and is the target of antibodies, which are an important part of the immune system.

Genomic sequencer acquired by Malbron in January 2021.
Genomic sequencer acquired by Malbron in January 2021.
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A recent study, not yet peer-reviewed, suggests that mutations in the receptor-binding domain may be involved. Helps XBB escape neutralizing antibodies Developed by previous covid vaccines or infection with omicrons including BA.2 and BA.5 sub-variants.

This scientific reservation considers XBB as one of the subspecies of coronavirus Also avoid antibodies known so far. But the good news is that according to data provided by Singapore, XBB Reduced by 30 percent Number of hospitalizations for covid.

This will only confirm the logic that characterizes the evolution of Covid in recent times: a Increases infectious and replicative activity Much of the original power of the damage – through vaccination – at the cost of resignation.


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