March 26, 2023

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Is it necessary to kill him? asked the mother of the youth killed by the police

“Need two shots in the chest? Will you kill him?” asked a police officer the mother of Maximiliano Agustin Barrionuo. Clemente Alvarez at the emergency hospital when his son’s body was placed on a stretcher for examination. Elba has not been told much about her son’s last minutes, when he escaped from a police checkpoint He was shot three times on a sidewalk located near Calves at 4300 in Villa Banana., after being chased by agents. A police officer who acted in the episode responded to the resigning mother’s question: “It’s him or us. Is my life worth nothing?” said the officer. For the girl.

According to the police report, Agustin was riding a CG Titan motorcycle with a youth without a license plate when motorized police agents tried to stop him at Cafferata and Ruda in the San Francisco neighborhood. However, the boy ignored orders from the uniformed men to stop the march and started chasing west down Calle Ruda.

When they reached the intersection of Rueda and Lavalle, Barrionuevo’s companion jumped out of the vehicle, the police chased the young man until the Honda Titan made a bad maneuver and skidded between Gálvez and Virasoro, a field of Villa banana in Lima. They are carrying out the work of open space project.

Barionuo stood up and ran. According to police, in that scenario he would have taken a gun and clashed with uniformed men to cover his escape on Feb. 27 along the sidewalk to the 4300 exit of Galvez. He tried to take him to the boulevard and, according to the official version, stopped a few meters from where he arrived, and the badly wounded man fell to the ground.

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From there, Barionuevo was transferred to Heca in a patrol car from the Radioelectric Command, which joined the pursuit. The youth entered the health facility before 3pm and died there as a result of receiving two bullets in the chest and a third in the leg around 6pm.

According to information provided by Regional Unit II, A 9-millimeter pistol was found on the roof of a humble house, in front of which Barionevo was fatally wounded. It will now be examined to determine if it was used by the deceased youth.

Regarding the motorcycle, Barrionuo’s relatives reported it to Heka’s door on Tuesday night. The young man was “scared because he didn’t have the papers.” A few occasional witnesses from Villa Banana claimed to have observed different scenes.

“I was at home when I saw the boy running frantically and heard gunshots. I don’t know, 20, 30. I saw how it fell. He shouted help me with that and when I got closer he said something I didn’t understand and I didn’t see any weapon in his hand. What did the police do when they surrounded the body, it was like they were looking for a person, they said a woman (who had accompanied the victim). I think they stopped her.”

said Augustine’s mother, Elba “He was a mason, he did small jobs with his father, and he had a girlfriend at Villa Banana.” And he admitted it “He was released three months ago after serving four years in jail for possession of weapons. He was not ready for anything. They told me that the police did not want to take him injured to Hekka, but a woman took them by force. He was never armed.” Elba said. The boy’s friend added: “The police knew when to kill or not. He had two bullets in the chest and one in the leg and they wanted to kill him.”

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A few minutes later, the police raided the home of the victim’s girlfriend, and according to the Barionevo family, “they only took the girl’s DNI because there was nothing unusual in her house,” her father said.