May 30, 2023

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Internal tensions within the government are growing and complicating the deal with the IMF

“It is unacceptable for the IMF to ask us. We must endure pressure and, if necessary, look for alternatives. Christina Kirschner, Reflects the vision of this sector in relation to government negotiations Alberto Fernandez Minister of Economy discusses agreement with International Credit Agency Martin Guzman, Go inside yourself “Key level”.

While black-spotted Christianity asserts that the deal the International Monetary Fund is trying to “impose” will “bring social chaos and defeat us in elections,” its representatives are loudly imagining a bailout from China or Russia. Inevitably by default, Guzman evaluates positively Tour this week Of the Chancellor Santiago cafiero By Washington, he pledged close ties to both ministers – gaining the inevitable “political support” of the United States to achieve a “greater understanding” of debtors. Albertism’s keynote address describes the existence of Russian and Chinese options as “wonderful and attractive”, while insisting that they will eventually reach the “worst deal possible” with the IMF.

Explicit disagreements and internal debates in Frente de Todos over Argentina’s “problem” slow down and complicate decision-making. Despite their insistence that “Alberto is going to make the final decision”, the government did not deny the differences and showed its concern as a chorus of dissidents – and even those who confirmed that default was not such a bad idea. – The Vice President’s outspoken anger with the IMF for frustrating the Cambiemos government, which ended in 2019, seems to be growing day by day.

When you hear voices talking about looking for other avenues from the FDT and saying “he’s waiting to win” (Luis Inacio) Lula da Silva In Brazil, to better negotiate (elections are within nine months), Guzman faces $ 700 million in IMF payments and two more in the first quarter of the year. “So far it has always been paid for, and maybe we will get our money back as soon as we agree,” they say from Palacio de Hacienda. Although not planning a trip to Washington in the near future or the arrival of IMF technicians, Guzman and his team see the move as an encouraging sign that the agency is operating in an “anti-fund” for troubled countries, as well as understanding the recent statements of the head of the International Monetary Fund. Kristalina Georgieva And Secretary of State on his agenda, Anthony Blink, Gave Cafiero last Tuesday. “They are not small data, they want to agree with us”, they map the economy.

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However, from Albertismo, Guzman, under pressure from internal tension, connects to the accelerator and brake at his apartment in Regolta, where he “never met” (never confirmed) Monday with Christina Kirschner. . “Alberto now wants to acknowledge that the IMF is justified in asking him, and that’s why Guzmn is thinking too much about it now.”, An old Albertista promises to the sword, who promises that the president will be“ surprised ”by this potentially new approach by the finance minister.

Criticizing the opposition’s “irresponsibility” in this matter as much as the government as a whole, a minister from the national cabinet gives a pessimistic view of the future of negotiations. “I do not understand what’s going on.”, Graphs cabinet member, regarding the stagnation of negotiations, internal disagreement and the emergence of “alternative” plans for an agreement with the monetary fund.

“It simply came to our notice then. If we agree to reduce the deficit as they ask, we will lose the election (Mauritius) Macri, A bad time will come again for the people. Alberto is a moderate, but authoritarian man who does not want to be misled, “said Kirschner, a Latin American leader who appreciates the forthcoming presidential visit to Russia and China and his scheduled meetings. Vladimir Putin Y Xi Jinping, American rivals, both next month. “We show preferences to the Yankees,” he says, with “multilateral” logic and an updated Cold War.

While the vice president is active in Buenos Aires — according to a close leader, he is preparing his bags to attend the inauguration ceremony on Thursday. Siomara Castro Despite being President of Honduras, they maintain suspense in the context of the Vice President — his son and leader of La Campora Maximo Kirschner According to two sources close to him, he is calm and is thinking of his next steps from the Rio galaxy as a platform for action. The fundamental problem of Christina and Maximo in their agreement with the IMF is the traditional, political identity. There is something about extremism in this government, ”said Alberta, who knows the former president and his eldest son well. Argentina stabilized by debt.

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“Alberto has already discussed everything with Christina. We are not going to do crazy things or hide anything from you“We are not going to ask him for permission.” “There is no ceiling or consensus on the B projects proposing default. We are not going to commit suicide, the agreement is going to come. Worse, but we’re going to get it,” they assure from Balcors 50’s head office in the hope of an agreement to eradicate the growing internal demons.