March 26, 2023

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Infographics: What’s at stake in the US election and what the key battles will be

Many people cast their votes a few days ago in various states where early voting was enabled (REUTERS)

It is common to hear that the future of a nation is at stake in every election. But in case of dispute Medieval It will be played this Tuesday America, The phrase is not an exaggeration, but a fact. All seats in the House of Representatives, 35 seats in the Senate and 36 governorships will be on the ballot.

According to most polls, Americans go to the polls with the following concerns in mind: Economy and Inflation, Trust in Electoral Process, Insecurity and Abortion. Based on the solutions to these problems offered by politicians, the future of the world’s most powerful nation heads into a new election with a very weak president and an opposition that has yet to define whether it will rally behind him once again. Donald Trump will be looking for new faces for the 2024 presidential race. Depending on who controls Congress and who is elected governor, potential public policies include tackling post-pandemic inflation, the abortion debate and candidates for the next presidential election.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are historically low. According to a recent Reuter-Ipsos poll, 55 percent of Americans disapprove of his administration. But things are not clear from the Republican side. The election will determine whether voters remain loyal to Trump and his protected candidates, or whether the party is ready for newcomers to take their place.

Elections 2022 in America (Marcelo Regalado)
Elections 2022 in America (Marcelo Regalado)

The eyes of the nation are riveted on what is going to happen in the country House of Representatives. Its 435 seats are up for grabs, meaning any party can win a majority in the lower house.

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As of today, Democrats are in control with 221 seats, against 212 Republican seats (two seats are vacant due to special elections). You will have control over a room with 218 benches.

Most of these matches are not considered competitive. Many congressmen are easily re-elected to their positions, and many have “safe” elections due to the partisan nature of their districts.

But according to analysis by CBS, There are 81 seats in real contention, meaning both parties have chances. As things stand today, the Republican Party would need to pick up at least five seats to end up with a majority, along with the two special elections that the Republican Party is expected to win (one in Indiana and one in Florida). Room.

Historically, in midterm elections, the incumbent president’s party loses control of Congress.. This would logically give Republicans an advantage.

Historically, midterm elections have benefited the opposition party.
Historically, midterm elections have benefited the opposition party.

But in special elections in recent months, issues like abortion have emboldened groups of voters who don’t always go to the polls (suburban women, for example) in favor of Democrats. . However, the poor economy and insecurity are driving the Republican base to leave as well.

Why is control of the lower house important? Because as one of the two chambers of legislative power, federal laws are made and ratified there. In other words, the executive has little if it does not have the support of the legislature.

Who takes control of the room will determine who will lead the room. Now the Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi President, but more likely if a Republican wins Kevin McCarthy to free her. Presiding over the House of Representatives is third in the United States’ hierarchy of power, behind the President and Vice President.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is also in the closest 10 seats in the Senate race.  Although this second re-election won't be easy for Rubio, he is expected to win in the end.
Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is also in the closest 10 seats in the Senate race. Although this second re-election won’t be easy for Rubio, he is expected to win in the end.

Of the 100 seats in the Federal Senate (2 for each state), 35 are up for grabs in this election. Currently, Democrats control the Senate, with 48 seats they own, two independent seats that usually vote with them and the tiebreaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, who leads the chamber. Therefore, for a transition in power to occur, Republicans must retain all of their seats and at least one incumbent Democrat’s seat must be flipped.

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Of the 35 in contention, 21 are currently Republican seats and 14 are Democratic. It is assumed that there will be no change in the majority, but there is a fierce battle in the 10 seats in question.

In The votes are tied in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Wisconsin between the Democratic and Republican candidates. Control of the Senate depends on the final decision. Florida, North Carolina and Ohio are expected to vote Republican, while Colorado, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire are expected to vote Democratic.

Governments Keeping America in Suspense (Marcelo Regalado)
Governments Keeping America in Suspense (Marcelo Regalado)

It will be on Tuesday Governor elections in 36 states and 3 territories. In 31 races, incumbent governors are up for re-election.

In some cases, such as FloridaIt was estimated that the election was almost over Ron DeSantis He will be easily re-elected. But the situation in four states is not so clear.

Oregon This is one of them. President Biden has visited the state several times in recent months to seek support Democratic candidate Tina Codek. But even though the party has controlled the state since 1982, things are getting sticky for Democrats there. The Democratic vote is likely to be split between Codec and a former moderate Democrat who is now running as an independent. Betsy JohnsonRepublican candidate Christine Drason Push harder and harder. Polls give Drazan a slight lead within the margin of error.

In MichiganAlthough a democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer Ever popular, the Republican Party Tudor Dixon He managed to woo a large portion of the electorate and anything could happen.

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In OklahomaA traditional Republican, the incumbent governor Kevin Stitt is ten A strong competitor Joy HofmeisterA former Republican who is now a registered Democrat is challenging him for governor.

Finally, in New YorkThe situation is also open. Andrew Cuomo He emerged as a possible presidential candidate when he became the face of the fight against COVID-19. But then came the sex abuse scandal and he was forced to resign. He was replaced by the Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul. Hochul is now running for re-election, and despite his popularity, no one dares to say he will defeat the Republican candidate. Lee Seldin. The race has national significance for the Republican Party Ron DeSantis Traveled from Florida to support Seldin Bill Clinton as Barack Obama They have come to Hochul to campaign.

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