May 31, 2023

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Increasingly catastrophic in Brazil | Comment

New images released in recent days reinforce what is already known: Exemption from the total penalty for operating illegal miners in the Amazon region, Including ecosystems and limited areas of tribal communities, is growing more and more.

Now they are Hundreds of boats anchored in the waters of the Madeira River, About 115 kilometers from Manas, the capital of the Amazonas state, dedicated to the search for gold (Photo).

They arrived a fortnight ago and settled down. Mineral extraction is prohibited in the area, but they work without disturbance.


In addition to being illegal, mining poses a high risk: Mercury pollution. The miners stir up the riverbed, filter the gold, and return the polluted water, which pollutes the fish, the basic food of the people.

Despite the impact of the images, experts say mining in the waters of the Madeira River is less destructive than the invasion of domestic reserves.

Invasion of Yanomami population reservation In the state of Amazonas and in neighboring Roraima, organized gangs arriving in planes and helicopters, with expensive equipment, financial support from drug traffickers, and the government’s recession, if not encouraged, act without punishment.

Last Wednesday, when action was already two weeks in the waters of Madeira, authorities decided to open an investigation. The next day the vice-president reformed the general Hamilton Mauro, Federal Police and Navy announced that they were “getting ready to act.” When, he did not say. Often they will never find any more illegal miners.


This is another development in the environmental degradation unleashed under the extreme right Jair Bolzano. As an immediate result, more pressure will come and Brazil will be isolated in the international arena.

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German Ambassador to Brasilia last Thursday Haiko Domes, Warned that the new government of his country led Olaf Scholes, Will give more importance to the environmental issue. Coincidentally, he insisted that he had received “false” information from the Polsano government – diplomatically he avoided the correct word “liars” – about the progress of deforestation in the Amazon.

In meetings with members of the government, he was told that land clearing had dropped by five percent between August 2020 and July 2021. This is actually an increase of 22 percent. “It’s a big negative surprise,” he said.

As for these data, it should be noted that they are available for aggregation from October 27, four days before they begin. United Nations Conference on Climate Change, Made Glasgow. Another manipulation of Bolzano and company: they became known only four days after the meeting.

The 22 percent increase allowed us to calculate what happened between August 2020 and last July: At least 745 million trees need to be removeds, i.e. 13,235 kilometers, which is 65 times the area of ​​the city of Buenos Aires.

Since January 1, 2019, when Bolzano was president, they were thrown out – look! – One thousand nine hundred million Of trees.

But far-rightists are urging that the extent of the tragedy and its consequences be reduced not only to the environment but also to the increasingly eroding image of Brazil on the world stage.


As the Amazon bleeds before the eyes of the world, his government oscillates between a recession and an incentive to attack domestic reserves, invading with increasing turmoil.

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The far right is trying to defend itself in the eyes of the world, trying to convince itself that what is going to happen will not happen. Useless attempt.

The most serious thing is that the cost of the disaster will fall on the shoulders of the government, but not on the shoulders of 213 million Brazilians.