March 26, 2023

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In the middle of the plane, a woman found herself with COVID-19 and isolated herself in the plane’s bathroom for five hours.

Marisa Fotio, a woman from the United States, is traveling to Iceland. Began to feel bad on the plane And decided to use one Automatic testing Brought the end of the Govt-19 Positive.

Given this, the author He was isolated for more than 5 hours in the plane’s bathroom, Until it lands in Reykjavk.

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On December 20, he began to realize the photo of him traveling from Chicago in the United States to the capital of Iceland. throat pain During the flight and decided to use one Rapid Govit-19 tests That he had taken with him to the bathroom of the plane.

Immediately, The test was positive And the teacher isolated himself in the bathroom so as not to reveal himself More than 150 people Those who traveled to a European country with her.

During those five hours, Marisa had time to record a video describing the situation, which she later released and received on Dictoc. More than three million views.

The author uploaded a dictation on what happened, and received over 3 million views (photo: @marisaefotieo).

Later, in an interview with the NBC channel, “”An insane experience ” Something he had to live with. “I took the test in the bathroom and it appeared in two seconds I saw two lines (positive test)”, He explained.

Also, he added With the help of an “angel” he was able to stay in the bathroom, Maid Rocknhilder “Rocky” Eiríksdóttir: “She made sure I had everything I needed for the next five hours. Food A Drink, And he was constantly interested in my condition and assured me that I would be fine.

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Marisa Fotio tested positive for the corona virus and had to isolate herself in an air bath for five hours (photo: @marisaefotieo).
Marisa Fotio tested positive for the corona virus and had to isolate herself in an air bath for five hours (photo: @marisaefotieo).

When he arrived in the Icelandic capital, the teacher was put in an isolation Hotel run by the Red Cross. There he had to spend Christmas.

The maid who was in touch with her through social media after the flight He sent her flowers and a small Christmas tree So he will not lose the holiday feeling.