March 26, 2023

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Hunchbacks, clawed toes and double eyelids: this is what humans will look like in the year 3000.

Overexposure to some technologiesThere are also mobile devices and laptops consequences in the body the man, irreversible within a thousand years. A) Yes, met a A model of what people will look like in the year 3000.

An example created by “Mindy”. Free sharing It projects how the presence of technologies in every task of daily life will affect human evolution. A) Yes, A person’s body The next millennium It will be different from 2022.

This new human will have a back, wide neck, clawed hands and even a second eyelid.. The model was created in 3D after collecting various studies and chatting with experts in the field.

The next humans

It may have been human in the year 3000.

Point by point, the potential effects of technology on the human body

As explained by the experts, the affected parts of the body get more stress during use technologies.

Expert Caleb’s cheekof Maple Holistics, explained to Troll Free Forwarding: “Spending hours staring at your phone strains your neck and throws your spine off balance. Because of this, Your neck muscles have to work harder to support your head. Sitting for hours in front of a computer in the office, your body is stretched out in front of your hips instead of being stacked straight and lined up.”.

A “black box” that will be opened in the future will record why humanity perished

A similar thing happens with hands and arms, because the way you hold the phone can cause tension in certain “contact points” so the hands turn together. “text claw” and arms cannot extend beyond 90°According to the analysis carried out Nikola Djordjevicof With warning help.

Mindy 20221103
Physical changes caused by overexposure to certain technologies.

However, not only body posture changes, but The skull is thicker, due to the high levels of radiation that humans are exposed to through technologies. For this reason, the bone structure is thickened to prevent the rays from reaching the brain.

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Artificial Humans: Perceptions and Representations of “Reality.”

A second eyelid is probably one of the most unimaginable changes. As per your description Listen to Ratnayake from University of ToledoThis extra eyelid arises as a result of exposure to screens. “The lens of the eye can evolve so that it blocks incoming blue light, but not other high-wavelength light such as green, yellow or red.”, he clarified.

Similarly, it is a model based on scientific predictions, but it shows what the irreversible consequences might be. the future Application of technology to the human body.


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