May 31, 2023

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Human Rights Watch: The government called the statement “incoherent.”

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to investigating, protecting and promoting human rights Some of the judicial reforms promoted by the government are directly labeled as “adversarial”. Alberto Fernandez in the middle Impeachment inquiry against the Supreme Court. It did not take long for the ruling party to respond.

As a part of Each country’s annual reports on issues involving human rights conflictThe organization continued “President Alberto FernandezVice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner And members of the government have used hostile rhetoric against the judiciary”.

In that sense, The report cited corruption cases against the vice president as a reason for the ruling party’s “hostile speech” against judges and prosecutors.. “The Vice President rejected the allegations, accusing the prosecutor of false and politically motivated investigation and the judges of being part of a “mafia” that seeks to keep him out of public service,” the report recalled.

Political inquiry: Pro-government representatives call for “deep” debate and without “chickens”.

Therefore, HRW in its view, “Govt Fernandez and its allies introduced reforms to the justice system that would undermine the independence of courts and prosecutors. In turn, he analyzed these situations “Undermining the rule of law”.

Human Rights Secretary in this regard Horacio Pietragalla called the report “incoherent” and “partial”, and he condemned that HRW had not “requested” any meeting to obtain information from the government.. “Our government, unlike the previous one, respects the work of NGOs, even if they criticize and question us,” he tweeted.

Government response.

Reforms questioned by Human Rights Watch

Among the actions mentioned by the organization: extension of Supreme CourtThe interim nature of the nation’s Attorney General and the conflict over it Council of Magistrates.

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“In September, pro-government legislators and Other parties have approved a bill in the Senate to expand the Supreme Court from 5 to 15 judgesA move that previous governments used to coerce the court,” he explained.

He then noted the lack of consensus in the Senate to muster the necessary votes to appoint an attorney general. “In April, the Judicial Council, which elects judges to federal and national courts, changed its structure following the 2021 Supreme Court ruling. The sentence establishes a constitution that places the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as the head of the body and includes representatives from Congress, the Bar Association, the education sector and the judiciary.”, he said regarding the conflict with the Council of Magistrates.

Court of Inquiry, New Prosecutor and Money Laundering: 27 Projects to be Discussed in Extraordinary Sessions

Supreme Court Justice Dr. Horacio Rosati in an interview with George Fontevecchia.
The president of the court was Horacio Rosati.

Thus, he pointed out against Fernandez for criticizing the new structure and urging Congress to approve the bill presented by the Frente de Todos. This way, Petrakalla continued his argument and clarified: “When the mechanisms provided in the national constitution are used to restore lost legitimacy, the rule of law is not undermined. Supreme Court. Rather, he said, it is undermined when “judges are appointed by decree, grounds are found for the transfer of the Attorney General, and a legal proceeding is instituted against a political department.”

Review of HRW

The Human Rights Secretary continued his calculations and noted the lack of investigation into funding Attack on the Vice President or the Corruption of conversations between judges, entrepreneurs and officials of media power.

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Additionally, he recalled that “the rule of law is undermining.When judges enact laws favoring the most vulnerable are harassed or intelligence agents are used to spy on political opponents, prisoners and lawyers.”.

HRW Korte 20230112
The government’s message contradicts the HRW report.

We regret HRW’s silence in the face of such outrages as recognized by the UN Rapporteur on Judicial Independence.”, Pietrakalla confirmed. He said about the impeachment inquiry against the Supreme Court It is a “constitutional and democratic mechanism”.He added that the process “allowed the Menemist court to be replaced in 2003, which was even praised by HRW.”

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