May 30, 2023

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Human Rights Watch harshly criticizes Argentina’s stance on Nicaragua: “This is nonsense”

The government of Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has decided not to condemn the electoral mockery of the Daniel Ortega regime.

Human Rights Watch (HRW, one of the most recognized voluntary organizations in the world, raised the question this Tuesday The position taken by the Argentine government Alberto Fernandez Regarding the serious human rights violations taking place in the country Nicaragua And the election mockery and crown held on Sunday Daniel Ortega As president again. “This is nonsense“Its executive director for the United States said, Jose Miguel Vivanco In the message posted to your account Twitter.

Remove the Argentine Foreign Ministry on Nicaragua. In his opinion, elections and arresting presidential candidates are two different things. They are ‘concerned’ about the arrests, but do not comment on the election because they are ‘internal affairs’.“, He pointed out Vivanco.

Late on Monday, a day after the election fraud, the Argentine government refrained from condemning the maneuvers. Ortega And his wife Rosario Murillo To capture presidential candidates who could compete for the position of First Magistrate and to position themselves in power. “Within hours of the end of the Electoral Act, we maintained our diplomatic tradition of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.The report of the Foreign Ministry was established in its central column Santiago Cafiro.

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Interestingly, in the same document, the Ministry Kafiro It talks about internal affairs Nicaragua When referring to the regime’s political prisoners, without linking them to the electoral law. While not condemning the controversial election, the Argentine government reiterated it “Opposition leaders worried about arrests” And “Nicaraguan government must ensure respect for human rights as a whole”.

“We understand that democracy in Argentina values ​​ideological diversity and the participation of citizens without restriction. Alberto Fernandez.

This is not the first time Fernandez Nicaragua shows its support for the dictatorship. On October 20, his government abstained from voting in a referendum Organization of American States (OAS) It is needed “Immediate release“Blocked protesters Nicaragua Ahead of the last election on Sunday, November 7, it was condemned by the world’s major democracies.

The call for attention from that regional meeting was resolved with the support of 26 votes, i.e. the majority of the member states of the multilateral organization. Argentina is not on that group Added one of seven omissions Who refrained from speaking in support of the Caribbean state government. Nicaragua is not the only protagonist of political tension.

Further isolated

Denial is common. Only a handful of countries approved of the election mockery of dictator Ortega in Nicaragua this Sunday.. These countries include Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Iran and Argentina. With repression, harassment and censorship and the arbitrary deprivation of the liberties of seven opposition presidential candidates, President Chandinista, who has been in power since 2007, will serve a new five-year term with his wife, Vice President Murillo. .

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Ignorance of reactions to rejection and disseminated results By the Supreme Electoral Commission (CSE) It didn’t take long for them to arrive.

US President Joe Biden became the first. He argued that elections organized by Ortega in Nicaragua were “not free, not fair, and certainly not democratic.” Although the Sandinista dictator declared himself victorious, Biden insisted that the necessary steps be taken “immediately” to “restore” democracy in Central America. He also reiterated his demand for the immediate and unconditional release of political prisoners.

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