March 26, 2023

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How much is the blue dollar today, Friday, November 11

Blue dollar price in 2022

So far this year, the informal dollar has advanced $84 after ending 2021 at $208.

In the past year, the The dollar is blue 25.3% ($42), an increase of half the rate of inflation (50.9%). However, it is worth remembering that in 2020 it showed a sharp rise of 111% (compared to 36% inflation).

In August, The blue dollar was down $6 (-2%) after ending July at $296. In the seventh month of the year, the par dollar It rose to $58 (+24.4%), marking its biggest monthly advance of the year so far.

Earlier, it rose to $31 (+15%) in June, after rising $6.50 (3.2%) in May.

The greenback rose 50 cents in April, losing $11 in March, its worst performance in 14 months. Last February, it fell to $6.50 (-3%) after rising $5 or 2.4% in January.

What is a blue dollar?

Sales The dollar is blue It is only in the informal market that the limits and prices are agreed upon among people with a reference value, but it is different when going to the “cave” to buy or sell. It has no official limits.

When did it come from and why is it called the blue dollar?

There are several explanations: one suggests its name As it is called “blue” in English, In addition to naming the color blue, it refers to something “dark.”

Another confirms that it is related to purchases of bonds or shares of companies “Blue Chips”. They associate it with the approximate color that appears when Fibron is used to detect counterfeit bills.