February 4, 2023

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How are Jair Bolsonaro’s virtual militias doing? | Fake News, Open Censorship and Various Activities in Brazil

Brazil Breathe in a suffocating climate fake news, transparent auditing and 2.0 functions. They are the weapons of the President Jair Bolsonaro It wants to win the ultimate battle for dominance of the virtual space. There is much talk of a possible self-conspiracy, the main role armed forcesFrom the hard core that the far right maintains, but they are already suffering in the struggle to produce meaning. PT and its allies in the 2018 elections. History is now repeating itself, but the government has become more entrenched in an area where its computer warriors often take the initiative.

Four years in power allowed them to mobilize more resources, powerful news funders favorable to their succession plan, and a more friendly media. One is the case Young PanA 24-hour YouTube channel that hammers home the merits of a soldier in his second term. Google was decisive for its integration – according to the magazine Biawi – and a consortium of radio stations in São Paulo turned into a multimedia center that claims to have the country’s second TV signal on the Internet.

His star show Os pingos nos IS (like The point on the eyes) has already crossed a hundred million views a month. Jovem Pan (Young Pan) is not what its name suggests. He turned 80 last June, and Bolsonaro dedicated a special video to him as “an institution that stands out more and more in the fight for freedom of expression.” As of September 9, 2021, the NGO has continued to repeat 3,851 false or distorted statements by the President as of September 9, 2021 under Article 19. It is the preacher of liberalism.

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There is no need to go back in time to see how Bolsonaro interacts with the press. Last July 12, Flavio, the senator and son of the president, complained that Cole Airlines had distributed free of charge at Congonas Airport in Sao Paulo. see, criticism of the head of state today. In a video he uploaded on his network, he questioned the card explaining the military attacks on the High Electoral Court (TSE).

In a statement, the company released a few hours after the contract with the publication ended: “GOL announces that it has partnered with Editora Abril for the free distribution of the magazine in May this year. see, for a limited time and on a trial basis, is a way to offer customers more entertainment options during check-in at certain airports. The partnership ended this week. At no time does the company participate in defining the magazine’s editorial content and selecting the news. Flavio Bolsonaro thanked for censoring the letter: “This was an isolated case and GOL took the internal measures it deemed appropriate. Good flights and let’s go!”, he wrote.

Road to October

Official attack so nothing can escape Virtual Fighters Intensifies at a decisive moment en route to the first round October 2nd. This Tuesday, Bolsonaro will launch his 2018 election campaign in the juís de fora of Minas Gerais. An act of revenge In the same town where he was assassinated, the president would go on a motorcycle ride with a motorcycle crew that usually accompanies him on the roads of Brazil. The attack four years ago was instigated by Adelio Bispo, who was declared incompetent by a judge due to mental disorders. Nevertheless, the soldier always encouraged a conspiracy theory: “It didn’t come out of his head (by Bispo). It’s not difficult for me to solve the case. Now, it’s going to splash the important people,” he said last January at Vila Nova in São Paulo. Star said when he was discharged from the hospital due to an intestinal obstruction.

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In his eagerness to fight on all possible platforms, Bolsonaro criticized WhatsApp last April after it struck a deal with a Brazilian court to postpone until after the election, which would have allowed the creation of groups with thousands of participants. A tool that makes it easier for the president and his communications apparatus to spread fake news throughout Brazil, as happened before the 2018 election. This so-called “society” is an unusable tool, the far right says “unacceptable, unacceptable and will not be respected. Bold and angry, he addressed his constituents: “No one is going to take away your rights, that treaty is invalid, and we know how to carry on.” The military maintains a declared conflict with two members of the TSE, Edson Fauchin and Alexandre de Moraes.

A hacker named Red

Bolsonaro does not shy away from resources to fulfill his re-election ambitions. Try hiring now Lawyer and hacker Walter DelcattyNickname Red. Lava is famous for exposing Jado’s private chats and the file they put together to jail former President Lula, the candidate who will win the October 2 election hearings. Possible second round.

On December 7, 2021, the president’s ego peaked when he was voted the magazine’s character of the year by readers’ vote. TimAnd. The publication fired him a week later with its own assessment. His teachers leaned towards the South African businessman Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla, met with the military in Sao Paulo on May 22 to promote a satellite connectivity program in schools in the Amazon jungle and monitor deforestation. According to Bolsonaro, the billionaire who shares the president’s ideas, promotes anti-union practices and criticizes taxes on large assets, is a “myth of freedom”.

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Despite the cordial relationship between the two, the president’s virtual phalanx does not tolerate rudeness. Time And created fake news that deserves a place in the Guinness Book of Records. They published a copy of the magazine cover with a picture of the soldier, a caption in Portuguese defining him as the character of the year and “leader of the free world” and in three days the false cover was replicated 27 thousand times in the community. Networks. Which speaks volumes about the level of impunity in Brazil 2.0’s social networks.

The president’s rabid supporters weren’t even satisfied with their leader, Donald Trump, winning the popular vote. Time. In the same election, medical and paramedical professionals who worked on the pandemic exposed themselves to the virus, as did few others. Misinformation is not just a Brazilian problem.

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