May 30, 2023

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How about the 850 “Black Hornets” Boris Johnson is sending to Ukraine as military aid against Russia

An Microdrone Black Hornet

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Kew on Wednesday to show the UK government’s support for Ukrainians celebrating their independence, and announced that it would offer to Ukraine. An additional set of 2,000 drones and follow-on missiles Worth 54 million pounds ($64 million).

That assistance “will enable Ukraine to more effectively monitor and target Russian forces invading Ukraine.” The official office of the British Chief Executive explained in a statement.

The British government confirmed that exports included The 850 units of Black Hornet microdrones are “specially designed for use in cities and towns, and are used to detect approaching enemy forces.”

They noted that a soldier could learn to maneuver the device in less than 20 minutes Each drone transmits live video and still images so forces on the ground can safely defend urban areas.

Microdrone, antenna used to transmit images
Microdrone, antenna used to transmit images

The device, which at first glance looks like a toy helicopter for children, was already used by British forces during the invasion of Afghanistan. Advantage is yours The small motor is silent and can enter through windows undetected, allowing its three cameras to beam high-definition images behind enemy lines.

The drones, developed since 2007, measure approx 16 × 2.5 centimeters and weighs just 18 grams, batteries included. The maximum speed is 20 kilometers per hour, with a Autonomy up to 25 minutes. Also, it only transmits images and doesn’t store them, so if it is captured, it won’t reveal any useful insights.

Its role is crucial in the new phase of the war in Ukraine, which seeks to recapture cities left in Russian hands, for which close intelligence reconnaissance and urban reconnaissance are crucial without alerting invading forces.

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Since the start of the Russian invasion, Johnson has sent 2.3 billion pounds ($2.8 billion) in military aid to Ukraine, including armored vehicles and anti-tank missiles. It has also sent economic support, guaranteeing millions in World Bank loans to the country.

As part of his visit to Que, the third time since the Russian invasion began, Johnson called on the international community to continue to support the Ukrainian government in “defending its sovereignty”.

There is a strong will of Ukrainians to resist. That’s what (Russian President Vladimir) Putin doesn’t understandJohnson told reporters.

The British prime minister is in the final days of her mandate before being succeeded by the winner of the Conservative party primaries in Downing Street in early September. During his “final visit” to Ukraine — as his official dispatch described it — Johnson received that country’s “highest award to a foreigner,” the Order of Liberty, for his “unconditional support of Ukraine’s independence.”

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