March 22, 2023

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Hotsur’s definition may be delayed until next year, which worries Christina Kirchner the most

Definition of whether or not to reopen the case of Hotesur and Los Sauces, where Christina Kirchner and his children Maximo and Florencia were accused of money laundering and dismissed without trial. May be delayed until next yearEndorsed by court evidence.

In this case, it is being investigated whether they are industrialists Lázaro Baez and Cristobal Lopez They paid income to the Kirchner family in the form of rent or hotel operating contracts, either as compensation for business they did with the state or thanks to permits granted to them.

To be held this Tuesday Last trial Before the Judges of the Chamber of Cassation Diego Barotavena, Daniel Petron and Ana Maria Figueroa, Defendants’ attorneys will defend the dismissal and attorney Mario Villar They will give reasons why the case should be reopened and an oral and public hearing should be held.

After that investigation, the Code of Criminal Procedure Grants 20 business days Judges have to decide. If they strictly adhere to the deadline, they should be sentenced by December 23, but judges may take a few more days, court sources said. Especially if I know, I will take the definition for February after the Judiciary Fair in January, taking into account the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Rumors are rife that the result will be announced next year Nation A legal source familiar with the case.

Tomorrow, starting at 12:30 p.m., Room I, composed of Figueroa, Barroetaveña and Petrone, plans to hear through video conference the lawyers who request to present themselves orally. In the hearing from November 10, Prosecutor Villar requested that the dismissal of the respondents be canceled and an oral hearing be held forthwith.

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It was a court of judges Adrian Krumberg and Daniel Obligado, With the judge’s refusal Adriana PalliottiThe vice president, his children, and the rest of the defendants deposed, understood there was new evidence in the instruction not to hold the hearing.

resulted in A strong argument.

In that investigation, the former president and his children were impeached Maximus and Florence Businessmen who contracted to rent properties or hotel rooms in “Los Chas” and “Hotesur” belonging to the Kirchner family. Among those laid off were industrialists Lázaro Báez, Cristobal López and Fabián de Sousa as well as Romina de los Angeles Mercado, and Osvaldo Sanfelice.

They will finish exposing a defense attorney and prosecutors at tomorrow’s hearing. This will be a brief inquiry. Lawyer Alberto PeraldiChristina Kirchner will present a letter with her arguments.

Despite the secrecy among the judges, the Courts are of the opinion that the case of Hotasur and Los Saz could be reopened, meaning that the defendants’ dismissals could be overturned and sent to an oral and public hearing. .

Meanwhile, the same judges are scheduled to hold a second and final hearing this week, but not on Thursday, in which they will decide whether or not to uphold the case against them. Christina Kirchner By signature A memorandum with Iran. It will also be virtual.

Christopher LopezFile, archive

Unlike the previous case, in this case there is a presumption in the courts that the judges will uphold the dismissal of all defendants because of the deal with Iran. In this way, the case is almost closed and only the plaintiffs represent the relatives of the victims of the attack AMIA and DAIA; They may try to take the matter to the Supreme Court.

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This is the reason deal with Iran Initiated by Advocate Alberto Nisman He was shot in the head in his Puerto Madero apartment four days before his death on January 18, 2015, in what the justice system believes was a homicide motivated by his work. According to Nisman’s paper, a cover-up of the attack is being investigated because the deal was signed to allow the Iranians and Lebanese to face impunity, removing demands to capture Lebanese suspected of plotting the attack.

At the first hearing on November 8, relatives of the victims of the AMIA attack and complaints represented by DAIA demanded that the dismissals be overturned and that the investigation continue.

For this last hearing, the missing lawyers and prosecutors are expected to be heard before the Cassation. Javier De Luca, He did not maintain the financial appeal against the closing of the case and contended that the defendants should be dismissed. The prosecution understands that signing an international treaty ratified by Congress is a political decision unrelated to judicial intervention and cannot be criminalized.

Lazarus Pace
Lazarus PaceFile, archive

All defendants were dismissed in October 2021 by a unanimous decision of a panel of judges. Maria Gabriela Lopez Inguez, Daniel Obligato and Jose Michelini. Cases appealed against that decision.

After Thursday’s hearing, The Cassation has 20 business days to make a decision. The schedule would allow them to sign a ruling by the end of the year. Although it is not certain whether judges will take longer than the time prescribed by the code of practice. Some judges have often held that this deadline is mandatory and non-binding.

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