May 31, 2023

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He’s 82, can’t afford to retire, and a visit to the supermarket changed his life: “It’s a miracle”

During the Christmas season, people are more interested in doing acts of kindness. That’s what happened TikToker Rory McCarthy, who lives in Maryland, USA, is a 53-year-old smoker.

“I wanted to do something and the guy did something else,” McCarthy told the network. Fox. Destroyer means he Butch Marion was inspired to do a good deed when he found the right reason to start it.

Butch Marion receives money raised by Rory McCarthy

Butch Marion is an 82-year-old man who works nine-hour shifts at Walmart. He was a Navy veteran, father and grandfather. “I went to Walmart. I got some batteries. And then, boomI ran into Butch,” McCarthy said.

Marian has a terrible story: He had a job at General Motors, but left to help take care of his ex-wife’s cousin. After his death, Marion said she cared for her former partner, who also died. A) Yes, Despite his advanced age, he had to go back to work to support himself.

McCarthy then began raising money for Marion to retire and enjoy life. He first created a GoFundMe where he told the whole story and then posted a video TikTok Promote the initiative. He did it on a Monday, and by Wednesday he had already reached his goal: more than a hundred thousand dollars.

Regarding the wonderful act of mercy, Marian said Fox: “It’s been a blessing. A miracle. It’s been a wonderful Christmas, what can I say? Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I mean it for real. They made me very happy.”

Butch Marion is 82 years old and a supermarket cashier (Video: TikTok @bug_boys)

Butch Marion is 82 years old and a supermarket cashier (Video: TikTok @bug_boys)

Marian said the money would help pay the bills, but What excites him most is that he can visit Florida to see his daughters and grandchildren, whom he hasn’t seen in years.. “I’ll have nothing but my utility bills, and it’ll give me time to sit by the river and fish and have a couple of cold beers and that kind of thing,” Marion said.

The story instantly went viral. With over three million reproductions and all kinds of concepts: “It’s time to retire Butch! You deserve this. Happy Holidays and God Bless you”, “Thank you for serving our country. The way the government is treating our soldiers despite their sacrifices is sad. Happy Retirement”, “He is a senior which convinced me. I am going to donate”, “Humanity is great”, “You are a good person! Things like this motivate me to do good things too! Thanks for sharing”, “The look of happiness on his face” or “This is incredible”, are some of the best reactions.


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