May 31, 2023

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Heavy crackdown on protests over death of young woman detained for improperly wearing veil in Iran | The humanitarian organization said four people were killed and 75 injured

Thousands of Iranian youth protested on Monday in various cities across Iran for the fourth day in a row. Death of Mahsa Amini, in demonstrations that were heavily suppressed by security forces. In the absence of official confirmation, a humanitarian organization condemned it At least four people were killed and 75 wounded in the firing by Iranian security forces Since the protests began last weekend. Amini, 22, died of a heart attack and coma on Tuesday at a Tehran police station, where she was detained by the so-called morality police for improperly wearing the country’s mandatory veil.

“that is enough”

According to Fars, an agency close to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, around 300 people protested on Monday on Cashavers Boulevard in the center of the capital. Iranian journalists shared videos on social networks in which they witnessed fierce clashes between protesters and police officers, “Bazijis”, backed by Islamist volunteers. Gunshots were heard at some of them.

Demonstrations were held at many places in the capital with slogans like “Death to the Oppressor”, “Veil of Desire” Y “that is enough”. Iranian state media did not mention injuries from the police crackdown, although the Hengao humanitarian organization counted two deaths in the city of Chaghez, where Amini was based. At least 17 people were injured in that town alone. Two more died and 15 others were injured in Divandare. One of the injured, a ten-year-old girl, remains hospitalized with a critical prognosis. After being shot in the head in the city of Bukhan, according to the Kurdish-Iraqi Ruta TV.

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On Saturday, Amini was buried in Sagues, “Undeclared Space Martial Law”explained Bajdian Joshnam, Director of the Mogrian News Agency. “There are security forces everywhere. Police are there. Shops are completely closed, even government institutions are closed from noon,” Joshnam said.

Iranian Kurdish parties called a general strike on Monday in Rojelat, in eastern or Iranian Kurdistan, to protest Amini’s death. Concentrations were also recorded at Tehran University, Beheshti University and Alamein University. Internet access was blocked in various parts of the country.

“Unfortunate Incident”

Iranian police on Monday called Amini’s death “an unfortunate incident”. He also asserted that it is false that the arrested teenager was assaulted in police custody for not wearing the hijab properly. “This is an unfortunate incident and we hope that no such incident will happen again,” said Tehran’s police chief. Hossein Rahimi.

The police official declined to comment on the cause of her death, denying that the young woman was beaten or ill-treated during her arrest or at the police station. “We have investigated and all the evidence shows that there was no negligence or misconduct on the part of the police. Iran’s police have been accused of cowardice. Lies have been published“, Rahimi assured, admitting that Amini was arrested “because her dress did not fit”.

Family concerns

Amini was arrested on Tuesday by the morality police in Tehran, where he was visiting, and taken to a police station to attend. “One hour re-education” for misusing the veil. A few hours later he was admitted to Kasra Hospital in the capital in a coma due to a heart attack.

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The family then released a video of Amini slumped to the ground while talking to an officer at a police station, saying the young woman had “sudden heart problems,” but the family did not confirm it was him. Contrary to what some official Iranian media have reported, the young woman’s parents deny that she is suffering from any kind of illness.

“I’m sick of what Iranian TV says”He said Amyat Amini, the victim’s father asserts that authorities refused to provide him with his daughter’s autopsy. “She was assaulted inside the police vehicle and at the police station, but they don’t want to release the footage from the security cameras,” he added.

“It’s not clear how they hit her. The women in the ambulance say she was hit on the head,” Amini explained, noting that the family had asked an expert to examine the girl’s body but there was no response.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi spoke to the family by phone on Sunday, offering his condolences and promising a thorough investigation to clarify what happened. “I told the president that the recording shown on national television is nothing but false and it has been censored.”Amini said.

The Raisi government has increased pressure on women to comply with strict dress codes in recent months. The veil was made compulsory after the 1979 revolution led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.He declared that women were “naked” without him.