January 27, 2023

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He went viral after fulfilling his promise to his Argentinian girlfriend for the Mexican and the World Cup.

Saturday, Argentina beat Mexico 2-0 Saudi Arabia and Poland in particular are changing the positions and perspectives of the entire group.

After that important meeting, the reactions, including those who bet in favor of the Mexican team, did not wait. Among them was Johnny Abraham, a TikToker He lost his bet or promise in front of his Argentinian girlfriend.

In a video garnering thousands of reactions, The Mexican proved to be a man of his word. In the description of his clip, he indicated his intentions: “My girlfriend beat me in soccer”, read below.

At the start of the post, the motivational content creator added: “Guaranteed credit. You have 5 minutes to buy what you need”, announced at the time to his girlfriend, who appeared in Focus with a bank card used to make transactions. The young woman was wearing Messi’s team shirt in her victory stall.

A Mexican TikToker owes his Argentinian girlfriend money after the World Cup

Although the challenge is expected to be in her favor, they say that not everything will be that easy. On this occasion, TikTok also imposed some conditions. There were only two: The card limit cannot be exceeded or the clothes will be returned from the Zara store You also can’t grab items that aren’t your size.

Immediately, the young woman rushed to find all the items. Still not convinced of her boyfriend’s proposal, she was heard to say: “Is it real?”, while running from one side to the other. The couple was in the company of a third person who helped them select all the items.

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The clock set the tone, a countdown to validating the outcome, and the young woman managed to bring only a few items: boots, a bag, and a perfume first on her list. Because of one of the limitations, he had to make sure everything was his size. So Argentina was careful with the products it took. Her friend picked up some more clothes and together they rushed to the checkout for the decisive moment.

“Best day of life”, the guy said in one part of the clip as they waited to pay. For his part, Johnny Abraham did not fail to warn: “You have one minute, if you don’t send the credential it’s invalid”.

Lionel Messi celebrates scoring Argentina’s first goal as they beat Mexico 2-0 in their World Cup Group C match.

In a tense moment, after placing the card in the terminal, the young woman panicked: “That won’t happen, I’ll kill you”. Then, the message that appeared on the screen came with relief: “Approved”. After successful purchases, the couple hugs. “Thank you, Messi, it’s yours,” the girlfriend added.

After the Odyssey The total ticket price was not disclosed. However, the virtual community ignored this detail and praised the Argentine fan’s attitude. In all likelihood, he would have chosen to carry a few items with him: “I wish she wasn’t wrong, that she chose and valued what she had. I love that.”, a man left him. While another praised the dude’s attitude: “Isn’t anyone going to talk about the other girl who asked you to pick her up and instead started helping her girlfriend pick up more stuff? A top person“, leave. Other users wrote some ideas What would they do if they were in his place?: “I’ll buy a gift card, and it’s overpriced. Then I’ll calm down and choose what he brought.

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Thus The young woman celebrated the victory of the Argentine team. With him, the Mexican team has a negative outlook to continue in the tournament. There are three scenarios that could see him qualify for the round of 16.